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Parents, looking for some activities to show your kids the importance of recycling and learning to become sustainable citizens? Here are some links to activity books, online resources, and catchy videos to spark your child’s interest!

Eco Tips for Students
  • greenguybulbAvoid Littering: It’s easy to litter, especially when there is no trash can around. If you find yourself with an old piece of gum in your mouth or an empty soda can, hold onto it for a little longer. There are trash cans everywhere and there really is no excuse for littering except laziness and carelessness.
  • Shorter Showers: Try to avoid taking any shower over 5 minutes. It really isn’t that difficult to wash your body and hair in a few minutes. Although the shower can be inspirational at times and a de-stresser, avoid wasting water and help conserve it for other important things.
  • Recycle Batteries: College students use a lot of batteries. From wireless controllers to portable mist-fans (always great for studying in the sun) we use a lot and usually just throw them away. Batteries can be very harmful to the land when they leak acid, which eventually can go into the water. There are places everywhere where you can recycle your batteries, keep an extra small storage box to hold all your dead batteries.
  • Buy Smart: When you buy a small cereal box every week instead of a family size box (which is always cheaper anyways) you create more waste and more energy is spent producing all the small cereal boxes. Buy in bulk as often as possible, try to team up with your roommates to buy as much as possible together to save money, and energy.
  • Hand-wash dishes or only run the dishwasher for full loads. Most people don't realize it, but dishwashers use considerably more water to wash a load of dishes than the traditional sink method does. A LOT MORE. So, to conserve water, it's best not to use the dishwasher at all. If you do, use eco-friendly dishwashing detergent and only run the washer when it is completely full. If it's not full or if you can, choose to wash dishes in the sink instead, of course, with eco-friendly dishwashing liquid.
  • Choose to Reuse!: Reduce waste by curbing use of disposables. It's easy to use throwaway cups, plates, wrappers, and utensils, but it only creates more waste for landfills. Also, disposable paper products like facial and bathroom tissue and paper towels and napkins also end up in the trash. We can save more trees by using less paper products, and we can keep more plastics and Styrofoam out of the landfills by using less throwaway utensils and containers. Also, eating less often at fast-food restaurants cuts down on your usage of these items, too. When you have to use them, use less. When you don't have to use them, DON'T.
  • Ease up on the video games: Playing video games on both computers and systems uses a LOT of energy! That's why your system or computer feels hot afterwards! You can save on energy by simply doing homework or going outside to play instead of posting up in front of the TV or computer screen. This activity uses more electricity than regular TV or computer usage, so it should be kept to a minimum.