Board Policy 175: Loan of Laptop Computers and Other Devices


To extend the Library's information services, introduce new information technologies to Library customers, and make new technologies and formats available to all customers, the Library may loan laptop computers, ebook readers, and other devices.

1. Checkout

Subject to this policy, laptops and other devices may be borrowed by any customer with a Monterey or Pacific Grove Public Library card that is currently valid for check-out of Library materials. A signed user agreement may be required based on the device’s cost and anticipated use. If an agreement is required, it must be signed by the user and, if the user is under 18, by the user’s parent or guardian. User agreements will be retained on file.

The Library Director will establish loan periods and other rules and procedures for circulation of Library devices based on the devices’ cost and anticipated use.

2. Use of Laptops

The Library Director may establish appropriate restrictions on the use of library devices.

Library laptops and other designated devices may be used only within the Library building or on the upstairs terrace. If a laptop or other device designated for Library use only is removed from the building, the borrower will lose future privileges to check out these devices and may be subject to criminal prosecution.

3. Overdue and Replacement Charges

Overdue charges for laptops and other devices will be approved by the Board of Trustees and appended to this policy. There is no grace period. Charges for lost or damaged devices will be based on the replacement cost of the device. If a customer cannot pay when the device is returned, the fine will be placed on the customer's account and standard procedures restricting future borrowing of all Library materials will apply until the fine is paid.

4. Printing

If wireless printing is made available to users of Library and/or personal devices in the Library, charges will be based on Policy 140: Charges for Printing.

5. Content

Laptop computers and other Library devices may provide access to the Internet. Library Internet services are governed by Policy 170: Computer and Internet Access and Use. Library devices such as ebook readers may be pre-loaded with digital resources included in the Library collection. Selection of these resources is governed by Policy 401: Collection Development.

A single library device may be loaded with titles of interest to both children and adults, so that borrowed devices may be used by families. Individuals in our community have a wide variety of beliefs about what kind of resources and information is appropriate for themselves and their families. Only parents and guardians have the authority and responsibility to restrict their children’s reading, listening, and viewing.

6. User responsibility

Users are responsible for library devices and any accompanying equipment and accessories from the time they are checked out until the time they are checked in. Users will be charged for any loss of or damage to devices or accompanying equipment or accessories while they are checked out, up to the full replacement cost of the lost or damaged items.

The Library makes no representation or guarantee that Library devices, accompanying hardware, and/or software are in working order or suitable for any purpose. Use of the Library’s Internet service, wireless network, and electronic information resources is entirely at the risk of the user. Monterey Public Library and the City of Monterey shall not be liable for any damage that may occur to any computer, device, peripheral equipment, or storage media, loss of data, loss of confidential information, unauthorized access to or alteration of data transmissions, and/or any other direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages resulting from or arising out of use of the Library’s Internet service, wireless network, and/or electronic information resources, or inability to use these services, or any other matter relating to these services.

Users agree to indemnify and hold Monterey Public Library and the City of Monterey harmless from any claim or demand that may be made by any user or third party due to or arising out of user conduct in connection with any use of the Library’s Internet service, wireless network, and electronic information resources, user provision of content, user violation of this Policy, or any other violation of the rights of another person or party.

Personal application software may not be loaded onto Library devices. Users who install or alter software in violation of this policy may be subject to the loss or damage provisions of this policy. No user files will be retained on Library devices.

7. Enforcement

The Monterey Public Library reserves the right to deny check-out privileges for any or all library devices for a time period specified by the Library Director based on violations of this policy or Library rules. Customers whose check-out privileges are denied will receive notification in writing. The Director's decision may be appealed to the Board of Library Trustees.

Approved: May 23, 2007
Revised: September 26, 2012


Overdue charges under Library Policy #175 Loan of Laptop Computers and other Devices

Ebook Readers:
Daily fine: $1.00 Maximum fine: $20.00
Laptop Computers:
Hourly fine: $5.00  

Laptop computers are loaned for use within the Library building. The fine is charged for each hour or fraction of an hour that the laptop is overdue.

Approved: September 26, 2012