The Library’s non-circulating collections are so designated to provide permanent access to information frequently needed in the Library and to preserve historical resources. These collections include reference materials, research periodicals as designated in Policy 102, and local history materials.

Special loans of materials from non-circulating collections may be approved by the following staff members:

  1. Reference, Periodicals: “Librarian In Charge” or Youth Services Librarian, Reference or Youth Services Manager, Assistant Director, or Director

  2. Local History Collection: Reference Services Manager, Assistant Director, or Director

Staff members will consider the following questions in approving or refusing requests for special loans:

  1. Is ongoing, ready access to requested materials important to Library customers?

  2. Is preservation of the requested material in the Library’s collection is a high priority?

  3. Is the material of particular value or historical significance?

  4. Is there an alternative method to meet the requesting customer’s need?

Program Managers may designate materials which will not be loaned under any circumstances. The Library reserves the right to refuse permission to borrow any non-circulating materials.

Borrowers must have a Monterey Public Library or Pacific Grove Public Library card currently valid for checking out Monterey Public Library books.

Special loans will be for the shortest time period necessary to meet the requesting customer’s need. Whenever possible, materials should be returned on the same day they are borrowed.

Special loans will be approved and monitored as follows:

  1. Customers must complete and sign the Request for Special Loan form, attached.

  2. Loans are subject to the conditions stated on the Request for Special Loan form.

  3. Items with Innovative bar codes are checked out on Innopac. The due date is adjusted to the specified date.

  4. One copy of the completed Request for Special Loan form is filed in a designated location in the Reference or Youth Services area. A second copy is given to the customer with the borrowed material.
  5. A sleeve showing the specified due date is placed on each borrowed item.

  6. Returned materials are immediately be checked in on Innopac. The return is noted on the Request for Special Loan form.

  7. Staff members approving special loans are responsible for checking whether or not loaned materials are returned on schedule and making sure that customers are contacted within 24 hours if materials have not been returned.

Fines for special loans from non-circulating collections are $10.00 for each day that an item is kept beyond its due date, with a maximum fine of $50.00 for each item.

Approved: 10/22/97