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Waterfront Lot Phase 2

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Waterfront Lot Phase 2, Marina Parking Lot Improvement Project
Waterfront Lot Phase 2, Marina Parking Lot Improvement ProjectMap of Work Area Monday and Tuesday we will continue to complete the installation of the storm drain manhole. Crews will also work on cleaning up the site and completing the asphalt paving (conforms) around all concrete edges prior to turning it over to the public. Wednesday and Thursday (5/24-5/25) crew will temporarily stripe the parking lot for public use (See Site Layout). The parking lot and new exit lane will remain open throughout the Memorial Day weekend and up until we are ready to prep for final paving. At that point we will repost "no parking signs accordingly".

The following activities will have more significant impacts to the parking lot:
6/8 - 6-9 We will survey the parking lot on
6/14 - 6/15 Profile Parking lot (Full Closure of lot)
6/20 Isolated repairs (as needed)
6/21 - 6/22 Pave Parking lot (Full Closure)
6/28 - 6/30 Stripe Parking lot 

The work detailed above will complete the parking lot to about 90%. Any work near the PG&E equipment, will be scheduled accordingly after PG&E completes their relocation.

As of February 21, the gates at the Waterfront Lot were removed and the lot is now a self pay lot. Once the construction is complete, the Marina Lot and Waterfront Lot will operate as one lot referred to as the Waterfront Lot. With this change, the rate was adjusted. The rate in the existing Waterfront Lot was $1.00 per half hour with a daily max of $15.00. Now the rate is lower - $1.50 per hour with a daily max of $10.00 to match the Marina Lot rate. Courtesy notices (see sample below) will be issued letting visitors know of the change. Learn more about how to use the convenient ParkMobile app throughout Monterey on the ParkMobile web page at The lot zone is #21031 using the app. Updates on the lot improvement project are posted at

The project will:
  • Realign the parking lot to improve vehicular and pedestrian circulation;
  • Rehabilitate the pavement; and
  • Implement stormwater control measures to improve water quality discharged to the Monterey Bay.
The project includes a revised recreation trail alignment to eliminate multi-lane vehicle conflict points, raised crosswalks to improve bike and pedestrian crossings and an enhanced lighting configuration. Once complete, the parking lot will circulate directly with the phase 1 waterfront parking lot rather than serving as a separate lot. A primary goal during construction will be to maintain access to all facilities, including the Waterfront parking lot, the Monterey Coastal Recreational Trail, the Marina boat launch, Fisherman’s Wharf (1) and Municipal Wharf II and all associated businesses, to the maximum extent feasible. The project is anticipated to have a 120 working day duration and will be completed prior to Memorial Day, May 29, 2023.

Phase 1 Completed, Current Lot Layout, and Proposed Lot Layout
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