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The Monterey Police Department (MPD) recognizes it is critical that we maintain our credibility with the Community as a professional organization in order to garner the trust, respect, and support of the people we serve. As such the MPD wants to ensure it is providing high-quality public service. Residents are encouraged to give feedback by filing a compliment recognizing employees who perform their duties exceptionally well, or a complaint about questionable performance, actions, policies or procedures.

Every year, the Chief of Police issues commendations to officers, professional staff and volunteers who go "above and beyond" their responsibilities and inspire others. The following people were awarded for their dedication to duty and for exemplifying the high standards of the Monterey Police Department.

  • Officer of the Year, Jason Newby
  • Professional Employee of the Year, Gabe Vasquez
  • Community Policing Award, Brooke Dooley

Compliment an Officer or Department Employee
We would like to know when you feel satisfied with specific service you have received from one of our Department members. Because good work that is recognized serves as a form of positive reinforcement, we will always share your compliments with the employee involved and commend their efforts. Providing a compliment is easy by filling out the online form below or you may also send a commendation by mail by printing and completing a Monterey Police Department Public Complaint or Commendation Form, available here in PDF format. You can then mail the form to Monterey Police Department, Attention: Administration Division Lieutenant, 351 Madison Street, Monterey, CA 93940.

We will forward your comments to the employee and their supervisors in a prompt manner. In some cases, Department employees may be considered for additional recognition, such as commendations or awards.

Concerns and Inquiries
To maintain the public confidence, the Monterey Police Department takes citizen concerns seriously. In some cases, Department employee conduct or practices may become the focus of such concerns. Those having questions or concerns about an employee’s conduct relating to their job performance may pursue certain options to get information on procedures and policies, or to file a complaint.

To make an inquiry about the conduct of a Monterey Police Department employee, you may call (831) 646-3830 and ask to speak to an on-duty watch commander. You will be placed in touch with someone who will answer your questions or assist you in filing a formal complaint. You may also fill out the online form below to share your inquiries or concerns.

Formal Complaints
If you’d like to file a formal complaint against a Department employee, you may do so in the following ways:

In Person:
You may file a complaint in person by printing and completing a Monterey Police Department Public Complaint or Commendation Form, available here in PDF format. Please sign the form and ensure you include your contact number. Bring the completed form to 351 Madison Street, Monterey, CA 93940 and advise lobby staff that you are filing a complaint. An on-duty supervisor or watch commander will then assist you.

By Phone:
You may file a complaint by calling 831-646-3830 and ask to speak to an on-duty watch commander. An on-duty watch commander will then contact and assist you.

By Mail:
You may file a complaint by mail by printing and completing a Monterey Police Department Public Complaint or Commendation Form, available here in PDF format. Please sign the form and ensure you include your contact number. Mail the form to Monterey Police Department, Attention: Administration Division Lieutenant, 351 Madison Street, Monterey, CA 93940.

Complaints will be thoroughly and impartially investigated. The Personnel/Internal Affairs program is under the command of the Lieutenant of the Administration Division who oversees the investigation and administration of allegations of employee conduct that may violate Department/City policies or procedures or law. Complaints are presented to the Chief of Police for a fair and appropriate adjudication.

For reference, here is the Monterey Police Department Policy regarding Personnel Complaints 

*Please do not use the contacts above to report criminal activity. In these cases, contact 9-1-1 for emergencies, or the Department's non-emergency line at (831) 646-3914, or file an online crime report using the form below. For service requests such as reporting abandoned vehicles, graffiti, use the service request portal.

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Past Commendations


On November 14, 2021: An Officer responded to a report of a past-tense domestic violence incident that had occurred in Monterey. The officer learned that the victim had been beaten and choked the day prior and was now staying at a hotel due to her fear of going home. While interviewing the victim, the suspect tried to learn the location of the victim through the “find my iPhone” application. Through further investigation, the officer was able to locate a family residence in San Jose. The officer began communication with the San Jose Police Department, who located the suspect’s vehicle. The officer completed a warrant for the suspect, which the on-call judge approved on its first time and complimented for its thoroughness and completeness. San Jose PD ultimately arrested the subject the following day pursuant to the warrant. The officer went above and beyond to ensure he took every investigative step at the patrol level possible to ensure the suspect was apprehended. The officer is commended for his hard work and dedication to this case. 
On November 14, 2021:
 Monterey Police Officers investigated a sexual assault case. An MPD detective requested patrol assistance in serving a search warrant for a suspect. An MPD officer volunteered to assist the detective, and stood-by with the suspect. During that time, the officer was able to gain a rapport with the suspect. During the detective’s interview of the suspect, the suspect elicited several incriminating statements in large part due to the rapport the officer established with the suspect. The officer is commended.
On October 16, 2021:  Monterey police officers responded to a motel for a past-tense armed robbery. Officers found the victim handcuffed to a shower fixture and restrained within his motel room. Officers determined the victim was not in need of medical care and immediately began investigating the crime. The suspect stole the victim’s cell phone, ID, debit card, and vehicle. The officers utilized the “Find my iPhone” app to locate the victim’s iPhone and located the phone in the city of Salinas. Officers obtained photos of the suspect from the motel’s video surveillance system and the victim was able to confirm the subject in the images was the suspect who robbed him and stole his vehicle. The Salinas PD was able to locate and arrest the suspect. The victim provided his Ford Pass app credentials allowing the Salinas PD to ping his stolen vehicle, which was located and recovered in Monterey. The case could have gone unsolved had it not been for the quick investigative thinking and collaboration of efforts by the officers involved. All officers involved are commended for their teamwork, relentless commitment to seeing this case through for a victim, and their commitment to all citizens and visitors of the City of Monterey. As a result, the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office filed seven charges against the suspect (six felony and one misdemeanor). 
On October 14, 2021:
I wanted to let you know that one of your officers stayed and provided a witness statement to our officers on what initially was a reckless driving call, but ended up being a DUI (Drugs). The officer witnessed a female driving recklessly. After our officers made the traffic stop, the officer have me a detailed account of what she witnessed. Her professionalism and dedication speak highly and reflect well on the MPD. Please extend our gratitude and know that our law enforcement partnership continues. 
On September 21, 2021: One of your officers recently worked on a case with/for me regarding a theft from my office which took place during an estate sale. This letter is to commend to you his services in that regard. How he found time to work on my case of relative unimportance during annual "car week" and at a time when there must have been other much more pressing matters is truly amazing. I was impressed by the officer's thoroughness, concern, responsiveness, and intelligent questioning. His communication ability is a strong asset, as is his general affability.  Thanks so much to him and the staff for a quick and satisfactory outcome in the crime which was solved. 
On August 13, 2021
: My car was hit by another car while parked and they left a note on my windshield. The last digit was not legible and I tried to call each number to no avail. Then I filed a police report and was lucky enough to have an MPD officer get involved. He tried several times to help me and hit many dead ends, but kept persisting. In a time when it’s tougher to be a Police Officer than ever, I want to recognize his outstanding efforts. I can’t thank the officer enough and I’m thankful for all the men and women officers who put everyone first. Great job! Thank you for your service!

On August 4, 2021: On behalf of the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Northern California, we want to personally thank you and the members of your agency for the extraordinary dedication that made the 2021 Final Leg a tremendous success. With the support of 205 agencies and over 2,500 runners, we are exited to announce...together, we raised over $285,000! We truly appreciate your agency taking time to take part in this year's event. Your participation encourages and validates law enforcement's involvement in the movement, which is a critical piece to our public awareness campaign in advocating for the acceptance and inclusion of those with intellectual disabilities. We would like to specifically commend the MPD Torch Run Coordinator for their assistance in planning and coordinating your agency's involvement. Timothy's dedication and leadership were instrumental to the success of this year's Torch Run Final Leg. The Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics unites people and demonstrates the incredible impact that members of the law enforcement community make in our respective communities. Please know that you can take great pride in knowing the members of your agency contributed to making a positive difference in the lives of our athletes and families. Again, thank you for your support and for giving the athletes the continued opportunity to demonstrate their abilities, strengthen their character, develop their physical skills, fulfill their potential, and change the way the world views people with developmental disabilities. 

On August 1, 2021: I am writing to you to commend your department and specifically the officer who assisted me. I was deeply concerned that my husband had left our home, without announcing his intentions, and had been gone for three hours. My husband suffers from an anxiety disorder. He had left before and had been gone over two hours before returning, so I waited three hours or so. I was especially concerned because we were due in Aptos for our grandson’s birthday party which included taking our motor home and spending the night. This was not like my husband and I was so frightened.

The officer was so kind and professional over the next several hours. After taking his report he followed up with calls and keeping me informed of what actions he was putting in place. He came by the house again to be sure we had not missed any clues, or my husband hiding in a closet for instance. I was reassured with the effort, procedures and resources your department has in place to help locate vulnerable persons. Knowing everything that the officer and the team were doing everything that could possibly be done to locate my husband was so reassuring and although I continued to be concerned I was so thankful for the officer and the care and attention he put into directing the search for my husband.

As you know, there was a very happy ending…my husband found his way home. Please let the officer know that he made all the difference for me that day and I will never forget his kindness and professionalism. My friends that were involved that day also had very nice things to say about the officer and the entire Monterey Police Department team. Thank you to the entire team, you guys are the best.

On July 31, 2021: I am writing to share our sincere thanks to the very calm and professional interaction we had with one of your officers this morning. My wife’s car was stolen from our driveway in the middle of the night and I reported it to the Los Gatos PD as soon as I discovered that it was missing – 6 AM. Our Sirius XM Guardian service located the vehicle in Monterey and informed your PD of the specific location. The officer located the car, and called me immediately. He secured the car, we drove down to Monterey, and he returned to meet us at the vehicle. He was so professional and so calm that we wanted to reach out to you to let you know what a great officer you have on your team. Please pass on our sincere thanks to your officer for his swift action, and being so helpful.

On July 29, 2021: I wanted to reach out and express my extreme gratitude for one of your police officers. Your officer responded to a call at my house a couple weeks ago when my visiting friend had passed away sometime in the night in my guest room. During what was a very difficult and chaotic experience, his professionalism, service and kind words were just what I needed to get through the hours that followed. He was calm and direct and was able to walk me through the steps, while still embracing the human side of the situation and I will be forever grateful for his efforts. I think my guardian angel was working overtime that day and your officer was a big part of it. Thank you for all your efforts to keep Monterey safe, and thank you for fostering a work environment that allowed the officer to provide the exemplary service he did.

On July 27, 2021: I am writing to express my deep gratitude to one of your officers for his amazingly kind support and assistance and excellent police work during a very difficult interval this month when I could not contact or locate my 20-year-old son, who was interning at NPS.

My son has always been both reliable and responsible, and so it was both a shock and very concerning when a number of days went by when he was just not responding to texts, calls or emails. Not having any contacts in Monterey – or indeed California – I called your police department and was transferred to an Officer. The officer was immediately responsive and sympathetic, took down all the information I had, asked relevant questions about my son and his state of mind, and personally went to check on my son at his Monterey rental address.

It came as a surprise when the officer told me my son had told his summer housemate, the homeowner, he would be away for over a week. Later I learned that my son was reeling from a sudden breakup with his first and only girlfriend of nearly two years but during the interval when nothing made sense to me the officer was an absolute lifeline and the soul of professionalism.

I think being a parent is just a little bit like being a police officer in that you always know you are walking a tightrope, and that none of your good intentions or all the times you may get things right will mean much of anything if you get one thing that really matters wrong. I know how much the internship meant to my son, how hard he’d worked to get it, how reliable he had always been, but without the officer’s frank and honest communication and investigative skills checking out everything he possibly could check out on his end while I checked on everything I could from here in Illinois this would have been infinitely more difficult and very likely disastrous for both my son’s internship and honestly my job as well. I simply would not have been able to function.

My son is truly anguished for the worry he caused – it was ridiculous of him to fall of the “mom” radar like that but so uncharacteristic, he really was completely blindsided and shocked by the loss of his girlfriend, and in the past he has always been a rock for me through some very stressful family situations. My son is looking a little more himself each day, and is working hard to be as helpful as he can around here now that his internship is completed and he is home for a few weeks before he returns to college in Iowa.

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful communicator and professional the officer was in a very stressful time for me – and I am not even a resident of Monterey! He will always have my deepest gratitude and thanks.

On July 18, 2021: Four Monterey Police Officers responded to and investigated a double fatal collision. Their work highlights the professionalism of MPD and I am proud of their success in documenting the circumstances surrounding this tragic collision. The first officer arrived on scene and began administering first aid to the riders being relieved by the fire department and paramedics. The male was pronounced deceased at the scene and the female was transported to the hospital where she later succumbed to her injuries. The officer assigned as the lead investigator conducted a thorough investigation of the scene and created one of the most professional factual diagrams I have seen. Furthermore, the officer later completed a mechanical inspection of the motorcycle and eliminated the possibility of a mechanical failure. Another one of the officers was taked with canvasing for surveillance cameras. He located two locations with cameras and was able to recover video from one location which showed the collision from a distance. He passed on the location of the second camera to the lead investigator.  An officer conducting follow-up interviews and with a witness on scene, established that the driver appeared intoxicated and the passenger was not wearing a helmet moments before the collision. The video he recovered captured the collision and established it was a single vehicle accident, the motorcycle's lighting equipment was functional, and the driver took no evasive action prior to the collision. 

On July 13, 2021: An MPD officer observed a vehicle begin to drive in the wrong direction of traffic in order to turn into a motel. The office stopped the vehicle and gained rapport with the driver and after seeing what he believed to be an open container of alcohol, obtained consent from the driver to search the vehicle. An additional officer arrived and assisted with the search of the vehicle. During the officers’ search, they discovered that the center console had been tampered with and that the radio was removable. The officers recovered ¾ of an ounce of methamphetamine from behind the radio, as well as a billy-club hidden under the passenger seat. The officers are commended for their thorough investigation of a routine traffic stop, which led to removing a large quantity of drugs off the street.

On July 3, 2021: I am writing to commend to you the excellent work of three of your officers. Their competence, experience, and personal care made a tremendous difference to me throughout the recent investigation into the destruction of 16 of my tires and eight tires of my colleague. I called the department to get some advice on the situation and my phone was directed to one of your officers who listened with obvious interest and care to my experiences; I was very encouraged when he took everything I told him very seriously. Moments later the officer was already at my carport, investigating the surrounds. I was sincerely impressed with his approach to my dilemma; I immediately felt that I had an ally in this mystery. We kept in touch regularly until two MPD detectives took over. The detectives and I had numerous phone conversations and several discussions at my apartment. Not only were they highly skilled in their understanding of investigation procedures, but both treated me as a valued partner in this case. The Detective would call me every week without fail to bring me up to date with developments in the case and often we would share ideas, suggestions, questions and plans for how to move things forward. I was never treated as a victim at any point, but rather as an esteemed partner, working together with the Detectives to resolve the case. That kind of personal engagement, care and support of me made a significant difference in how I was experiencing this quite unusual and distressing case. My colleague and I have literally been signing praises of these officers and of your entire department for the last six months and will continue to do so! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to support the work of such stellar officers. The unfailing competence and personal skills in interacting with the public speak volumes of the high level of service that must mark the entire Monterey Police Department.

On June 20, 2021: Thank you MPD for your dedication and commitment to our community! And a special shout out to two of your officers for going above and beyond to ensure the safety of our children and our community! My child and a group of approximately 30 kids, between the ages of 6-11 years old, attended a two-week long, 7 hours/ day Soccer Camp nat the Laguna Grande Park in Monterey. During their time at Camp, the kids were instructed to utilize the park’s restroom, just outside of the soccer field, which many of you know is frequented by transients. As a concerned parent, I requested close patrol checks in the area. I just want to praise and thank these two officers for taking the time out of their busy shifts for patrolling the park and the general area. Not only did they drive around, but also at different times, these officers walked the park, checked the restrooms, and also greeted our kids! On behalf of the parents and coaches, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! Thank you for keeping our children safe and for everything you do on a daily basis!
On June 18, 2021: I lost a Chihuahua this morning and an MPD officer was on my street in minutes. I told the officer you probably have more important things to deal with, and he said, “Dogs are like family” and he was willing to help me. Soon after the dog, a 17 years-old Chihuahua, was found safe and very tired. What a great officer you have. Thank you so very much.

On June 18, 2021: Each year, hundreds of Law Enforcement personnel from all over Northern California escort the Special Olympics Flame of Hope torch throughout their local communities in a relay across Northern California to the Special Olympics Norther California Summer Games. The law enforcement torch run is the largest public awareness vehicle and grass roots fundraiser for Special Olympics. The officer who coordinated the MPD Special Olympics Torch run is commended. In addition to running the torch 3.5 miles from the Monterey Bay Aquarium to the Seaside city border, the officer coordinated with outside agencies, facilitated the MPD team, and raised money for Special Olympics athletes. The officer is commended for his work to raise support and awareness for this great cause.

On June 11, 2021: MPD officers responded to a report of a male atop the garage brandishing a handgun. A witness reported the subject was standing on the upper floor of the parking garage and pointing a handgun at pedestrians on a sidewalk below him. Officers searched the structure for the suspect and contacted the Monterey Parking Division to obtain video surveillance of the subject to provide a more accurate description and direction of travel. During the course of the officers' investigation, officers received information that the suspect was in possession of a BB gun that strongly resembled a firearm.  Later that afternoon, City of Monterey Employees called the MPD to report a subject matching the description in another parking lot. Officers responded to the parking lot and located  the suspect. Using safe tactics, the officers called the suspect back to them. The suspect complied and was arrested without incident. Officers found the suspect to be in possession of a pellet gun that was indistinguishable from a real firearm unless it was inspected. The officers are to be commended for taking a balanced and measured approach to this incident that resulted in the safest outcome for all involved. The suspect's mother especially recognized this and later called the department to thank officers for not harming her son. She expressed the police do not receive enough recognition for their service and that the MPD does an excellent job.

On June 3, 2021:  An MPD officer investigated a vehicle theft in the Cannery Row area. The vehicle was located several hours later with a vehicle tracker. A suspect was taken into custody removing items from the vehicle. During the recovery investigation, the officer collected evidence, which included latent prints. The prints were examined and an identification was made that matched the suspect. The officer’s investigation and evidence collection led to a successful prosecution of the suspect on the vehicle theft charge, which the suspect was later convicted of.  The officer is commended for his investigative skills.

On June 5, 2021: An MPD Officer was on patrol in Monterey when he saw and individual riding a bicycle that met the description of a bicycle that had been  stolen from a recent window-smash vehicle burglary. The officer initiated contact with the individual, and was able to recover the bicycle and confirm the bicycle was the bicycle that had been stolen. The officer is commended for acting on his intuition and initiating contact with the individual in possession of the bicycle.

On May 27, 2021: A multi-jurisdictional operation was conducted in the South County area. The operation was to include the safe capture of two murder suspects, search of their residences, and charge them for their crimes. This operation included members of 10 different law enforcement agencies. The operation concluded with murder charges on the two suspects, as well as a third suspect who was already in custody on a separate case. Two MPD detectives are commended for their participation in these cases. The MPD detectives post-arrest investigative work led to an outstanding result. 
On May 21, 2021: The Soledad Police Department commended a Monterey PD lieutenant, two sergeants, one detective, and three police officers for their assistance with serving multiple search warrants in the cities of Soledad and Greenfield. The warrants were high-risk as they involved suspects wanted in a murder case as well as firearms violations and gang related criminal activity. The assistance from the MPD contributed to multiple arrests, numerous firearms recovery, and the evidence recovered from the warrant service led Soledad PD investigators to several additional crimes related to the homicide. 
On May 16, 2021:  MPD units responded to a report of an armed robbery in progress at a hair salon in Monterey. Officers immediately set up a perimeter around the building. The suspect was inside the business and indicated he was armed and threatened to kill everyone there including the officers. The officers developed a plan, evacuated the employees from the business and began negotiating with the suspect. While an officer negotiated with the suspect, a team of officers noticed the suspect backing up towards the front door. While an officer negotiated with the suspect, a team of officers noticed the suspect backing up towards the front door. Officers then approached the suspect from the rear, an officer deployed his Taser, and the officers were able to take the suspect into custody safely. 

The suspect's relatives later called to express their gratitude to the officers. The relatives related that the suspect suffered from mental health issues and they were happy the officers took their relative into custody safely. The suspect's brother expressed, "I read the press release. I don't know everything my brother did, but he could have been shot that day. Thank you!"

This was a great example of exemplary restraint, tactics, communication, teamwork and professionalism to deescalate a volatile situation successfully. These officers' actions are recognized and commended!

On April 26, 2021: The MPD received a Facebook message commending an MPD officer that related the following: "...I was in a collision on Tuesday in Monterey. I wanted to send a message because [the police officer that came to the scene] was absolutely amazing! The officer was calm, reassuring and very professional. This was my first time in a collision with a motorized bicycle, so I was very shaken up and a little freaked out. The officer came to the scene very calm, walked over to me and reassured me that everything was going to be just fine. In that moment, I was able to chill out a bit. During the whole situation, he kept checking on me and keeping me informed of what was going on. The officer went above and beyond his duties by helping me jump my car, unlock the electrical emergency break and making sure everyone in the situation was safe and taken care of. I do hope that this message gets to the right person and that the officer gets the recognition that he deserves for his service. Thanks!"

On April 22, 2021: The Monterey Fire Dept. responded to a male who reported to be bleeding profusely from a laceration. The victim had been checking on a friend's home, had trouble with the gate, and attempted to hop the gate. As a result, a metal spike along the gate caught the victim's wrist and causing a deep laceration from his wrist to his elbow. An MPD officer on patrol immediately responded and was the first public safety member to arrive.  The officer immediately assessed the victim and applied a tourniquet in a calm and controlled manner. The officer communicated with the victim, who was in a state of shock, in a professional and reassuring way. The officer's calm demeanor, training and equipment allowed him to apply necessary medical intervention to the community member until paramedics arrived. The community member was transported to a local hospital in stable condition. 

On April 6, 2021: A male subject called to express his gratitude to an MPD Officer and Community Service Officer (CSO). He related the Officer and CSO were both instrumental in getting him off the street and sober. According to the subject, he had been living at Window on the Bay for over a year and was addicted to alcohol and methamphetamine. He stated both the Officer and CSO approached him several times about services to assist him with his situation. The subject said he decided to take them up on their offer. He related that the Officer put him in contact with the Genesis House and assisted with the intake process and that he successfully completed the substance abuse treatment program and was currently residing in transitional housing. Additionally, he has found gainful employment as a plumber and will begin his new job in a few days. He reiterated that he felt both the Officer and CSO had saved his life and both are commended for their persistence and diligence in providing exceptional services to those in need. 

On March 15, 2021: A victim of multiple vandalism crimes emailed to commend and MPD detective and officer for thank them for their tremendous work. She related that she was, "...grateful to know that I have you as collaborators in this challenging case" and described the officers as consistently thorough and attentive throughout this unique experience.

On March 15, 2021: I just want to take the time to let you personally know of the exemplary work that three of your officers have done. These MPD officers worked directly with my wife, my wife's ex-husband and me on protecting my stepdaughter from a homeless street person that she had become infatuated. He almost killed her in Oregon and she spent 10 days in the ICO and 2 months in the hospital at his hand. He had gone to jail in Oregon for this but was released on probation. Thru the efforts of the DA's office in Oregon and your officers, this individual has again been apprehended, and hopefully will be extradited back to Oregon. My stepdaughter has some psychological issues that has made her susceptible to him as prey. Unfortunately, this is not over yet. In the meantime, I can take comfort in knowing that your officers have offered to help keep an eye on her for her own protection. Please thank them for going above-and-beyond the call of duty. We are blessed again by having such caring public servants.

On March 04, 2021: The Monterey Police Department responded to reports of numerous daytime vehicle burglaries occurring throughout the city. Victims reported finding their vehicle windows shattered and personal items missing. During the investigation, witnesses in one of the burglaries reported seeing a suspect carrying the victim’s property away from the scene. The witnesses observed the suspect enter and drive off in a black Hyundai sedan and took photos of the suspect and vehicle. Officers stepped up to help their beat partners to document the cases, began sharing intel on the suspect with each other, and searching for the vehicle. As the suspect continued to commit burglaries, every available officer hit the street to join the search.

In the afternoon, MPD detectives located a vehicle matching the Hyundai’s description pulling into a parking lot. Officers attempted to detain the vehicle and its driver, however the vehicle fled by driving over raised concrete parking curbs and sideswiping an unoccupied parked vehicle. MPD initiated a vehicle pursuit of the Hyundai as it entered Highway 1 North from Canyon Del Rey. The vehicle traveled at speeds of over 100 mph and at one point, threw a stolen wallet out onto the highway.

Officers lost sight of the vehicle at Highway 1 North and Imjin and terminated the pursuit. The vehicle description was broadcast to surrounding law enforcement agencies. Officers with the CHP located the Hyundai on Highway 1 north and initiated a vehicle pursuit. In the area of Highway 1 and 41st in Soquel, the Hyundai exited the highway and struck a curb, deflating it’s right front tire. The driver then parked the vehicle and fled on foot. As CHP officers arrived in the area, the driver was observed and detained without further incident. CHP officers arrested the suspect and turned him over to MPD officers. MPD detectives responded to Soquel and seized the suspect’s car. Detectives stayed late to author a search warrant to process the vehicle for evidence and obtained a bail enhancement for the suspect based on his actions.

The subsequent investigation revealed stolen property from two of the earlier vehicle burglaries in the suspect’s vehicle. The wallet discarded on the highway was also determined to be stolen from one of the previous burglaries. This suspect’s crime spree was put to end and he was charged with numerous crimes thanks to the great teamwork of all the officers involved!

On March 03, 2021: MPD units contacted a subject in the area of the Coast Guard Pier & Cannery Row. During their contact with the subject, Warrant Control advised officers that the subject was clear of wants and warrants. At the time of this incident, a Police Services Technician (PST) on duty recognized the name from multiple prior contacts in the records management system. This led the PST to believe there was a chance the subject could have warrants that had not yet been entered into the system. Utilizing JPAW, the PST located five misdemeanor warrants, and MPD Units were able to arrest the subject. The PST is commended for his tenacity, follow-through, and embodiment of Support Personnel. Great job!

February 24, 2021: The Monterey County District Attorney announced that a 41-year-old male of Salinas, entered a plea of “no contest” to a felony charge of communicating a criminal threat to a local physician and admitted a penalty enhancement because the threat qualified as a hate crime. An MPD officer investigated the case.

On February 24, 2021: Monterey County District Attorney announced that a 34-year-old male was sentenced to nine years and four months in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. The subject previously pled to a charge of first-degree burglary with a person present and enhancements for personally inflicting great bodily injury and personally using a deadly weapon. An MPD officers conducted the investigation.

On February 20, 2021: Officers responded to a report of a male who was unconscious. An officer arrived and approached the male, who was surrounded by a small group of people. The male was not conscious and did not appear to be breathing. After speaking with a witness, the officer learned the male had likely overdosed. The officer immediately administered one dose of naloxone while continuing to assess and speak to the male, who remained unconscious. Recognizing the naloxone had no effect, he requested the next arriving officer to bring additional doses. The second officer arrived with additional naloxone and the officers continued to administer aid to the male. Ultimately, they administered three doses. Each time, the male exhibited agonal breathing and remained unconscious. The officers continued to talk to and encourage the male. As a team, they assessed and administered aid to the male until Monterey Fire Department and AMR personnel arrived. Shortly thereafter, the male regained consciousness. These officers are commended for their decision-making, communication, teamwork and dedication to the protection of life. Their performance represents the MPD.

On February 17, 2021: An MPD officer was commended for his performance as an investigating officer in a case, and his ability to provide an expert testimony in the specific areas of identifying controlled substances and investigating possession of controlled substances for sale, specifically dealing with methamphetamine and heroin. Because of the Officer’s testimony, both as an expert and as an investigating officer, the defendant was held to answer on all charges, including the following felonies: transportation for sale of heroin, with an enhancement for excessive amount of heroin, possession of meth for sale, transportation for sale of meth, with an enhancement for excessive amount of meth.

February 10, 2021: The Monterey County District Attorney announced that a jury found a 30-year-old male of Pacific Grove guilty of four felony charges, including inflicting corporal injury on a person with whom he had a dating relationship, two counts of assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury, and communicating a criminal threat. An MPD officer investigated the case.

On January 31, 2021: For the last few months, I have had issues with a neighboring motel. I have found tires, concrete cinder blocks, plastic fences, strollers, mail, clothing articles, needles and all assortments of junk and trash on my property. I have called the Monterey Police Department several times and just want you to know how helpful and professional the officers are. I want to thank the Lieutenant, Sergeant, and Officers for their help in performing security checks on my property and suggestions for dealing with this issue. Our police department is the best!

On January 28, 2021: Officers made a traffic stop on a vehicle that ran a red light in front of them. Upon contacting the elderly driver, they found out that her driver’s license was suspended. Officers subsequently issued the driver a citation and towed her vehicle. The driver did not have anyone to call for a ride home and no money to pay for a cab. The driver told the officers she was on her way to the Salvation Army to pick up food. The MPD officer coordinated with a Community Services Officer to assist by providing a ride to the driver to the Salvation Army before taking her home. The officers and CSO are commended for demonstrating care and compassion for this elderly female.On January 20, 2021: An off-duty MPD officer recognized a wanted suspect, who had been involved in two police pursuits in the past several days, waiting in line at a gas station.  The officer maintained a visual of the suspect and provided continuous information while officers responded. This allowed officers to set a perimeter and an arrest team. The suspect was surprised and taken into custody without incident. The off-duty officer is commended for his keen eye and commitment to the apprehension of criminal suspects in the Monterey Community. 

On January 16, 2021: The Monterey Police Department and Monterey Fire Department responded to a call of a child, approximately 9-years old, running in the street partially clothed. The child appeared to be developmentally disabled and was clearly frightened. A fireman took the lead on trying to calm the child down, and because of his caring approach, he was able to ease the child. The police officers, fireman, and child rode back to the police station where they remained with the child until Child Protective Services took custody of the child. I am writing this email because I am incredibly proud of how the fireman and police officers handled the call. All involved displayed an outstanding level of compassion and professionalism. The police officers provided a comfortable environment in an office at the station for the child to play safely. The fireman kept the child entertained and feeling safe by playing games with him, including coloring in coloring books provided by the PD. Clearly this was a traumatic day for the child involved, but thanks to all the compassionate work by all, by the time CPS took custody, the child was calm and collected and appeared to feel safe.

On January 09, 2021: MPD responded to a report of an armed robbery. The victim described being robbed at knifepoint by a male who left the scene in a vehicle occupied by a female in the passenger's seat. The victim was able to take a photo of the culprit's license plate number. Shortly after, Seaside PD located the suspect vehicle at a motel. MPD officers & SRU members responded to the motel and gave commands to the suspects to exit the room. After approximately 5 ½ hours, SRU members were able to coerce the subjects into surrendering and the subjects were taken into custody without incident. The officers involved worked as a team with attention to detail and outstanding police work.

On January 08, 2021: An MPD Officer and Community Service Officer (CSO) were on foot patrol at the Window on the Bay park when they came across a local homeless subject. After leaving the area, the officers noticed the homeless subject they contacted matched the description of a commercial burglary suspect that occurred earlier that morning. The officers reviewed the surveillance footage from the burglary and confirmed the identity of the suspect. The officers returned to Window on the Bay, but the suspect had left the premises. The officers immediately shared their information with their teammates, and later an MPD detective located the suspect at Window on the Bay. The suspect was also found to be on parole. During the course of the investigation, the suspect confessed to the burglary from earlier that morning, and the officers were able to recover a majority of the stolen property. The Officer, CSO and Detective worked as a team during their investigation. They are commended for their attention to detail and outstanding police work.