Report a Crime

NEW! Submit a Crime Report Online 
In submitting this information you will remain completely anonymous. Please provide as much information as possible, including addresses, suspect names, suspect descriptions, and types of activity. The more information you submit, the more we can do to stop the problem. Apprehension and prosecution of criminals makes us all a little safer. If you DO wish to be contacted in response to this information please include your name, and the phone number and/or email address by which we may contact you.

Phone: (831) 646-3914
The Police Department thanks community members for caring enough to make the extra effort to report incidents. Through this collaborative approach, we have identified suspects, linked previous cases and made arrests. Keep up the good work and keep your eye out for issues that affect the quality of life. As a reminder, please report graffiti as soon as possible, but do it safely; don’t approach suspects on your own.

If the vandalism is “in progress,” call 9-1-1If no suspect is present, call 646-3914, OR complete an online service request.

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