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Policies, Procedures and Training (Penal Code §13650)

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Taxi Driver and Vehicle Permits Online
The Monterey Police Department is now processing taxicab driver and vehicle permits electronically. Taxicab driver and vehicle permit applications

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On September 21, 2021: One of your officers recently worked on a case with/for me regarding a theft from my office which took place during an estate sale. This letter is to commend to you his services in that regard. How he found the time to work on my case of relative unimportance during annual "car week" and at a time when there must have been other much more pressing matters is truly amazing. I was impressed by the officer's thoroughness, concern, responsiveness, and intelligent questioning. His communication ability is a strong asset, as is his general affability. Thanks so much to him and the staff there for a quick and satisfactory outcome in the crime which was solved. 

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