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On December 5, 2022: "I am a so-called "senior citizen," in my early 80's and want to applaud you all for helping me today. This afternoon, after I had gotten a haircut, I searched the area for my car and couldn't find it. I had forgotten where I parked it and was rather appalled by this, didn't know what to do; I walked many streets for several hours looking but didn't find it. I called you all, explained my situation, and gave you the description and year of my car and you told me to wait and a police car would search the area where I thought I had parked my car. After waiting about an hour, indeed along comes a police cruiser, and the two officers cheerfully said, "We found your car!" I got in, and we went to a totally different area than I had remembered I had parked and there was my car. Thank you so much to the two officers who were also very kind. This problem of mine was very simple, really, unlike some of the issues I am sure you all must deal with. I find myself very grateful for you all and in particular today; who knows how much longer (and how much colder!) I would be without your help." 

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