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Household hazardous waste

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) is any type of household product that you would like to discard and is labeled with any of the following symbols:


HHW must be handled and disposed of with care in order to avoid polluting the environment and possible health hazards.


Frequent Questions

Disposal locations for HHW including E- waste, batteries, bulbs, paint, motor oil and more!

E-Waste is a hazardous material and it is banned from landfills. Many of these products can be reused. refurbished, or recycled. Unfortunately, electronic discards is one of the fastest growing segments of our nation's waste stream. E­Waste consists of electronic items such as computers. monitors, copiers, fax machines, stereos, cell phones, mp3 players, printers, and televisions.

Check our website occasionally for e-Waste collection events at, Single-family homes may call for special Large Item Pick-Up of these items (fees may apply).

Locations for proper recycling of E-Waste:

Monterey Regional Waste Management District
14201 Del Monte Blvd, Marina
(831) 384-5313

Hope Services
1580 Del Monte Blvd, Seaside
(831) 393-1575
Also accepts donations of reusable goods, including electronics in good working order, household goods and clothing.

Best Buy
101 General Stillwell Dr, Marina

In the Salinas Valley:
Visit for more information

Electronic waste includes the following items :
  • Alarm Clocks
  • Blood Glucose Monitors
  • Camcorders
  • CD players
  • Cell Phones
  • Computers/CPUs / laptops
  • Computer Monitors (CRTs & flat screens)
  • Copiers (home use, desktop)
  • Digital camera
  • Digital Thermometer
  • DVD Players
  • I-Pods & MP3 Players
  • Microwave Ovens {home use)
  • Home Use Medical (sterilized) Monitors
  • Pagers
  • PDAs
  • Printer/Scanner/Fax (home use)
  • Radios - all types (car & home)
  • Telephones & Answering Machines
  • Copiers (home use, desktop)
  • Televisions (CRTs & flat screens) & VCRs
  • Video Game Consoles & Accessories Walkie Talkies
Bulbs and Batteries
Light bulbs
Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs)
CFLs are banned from landfills and should not be thrown the trash because of their mercury content. Various businesses and organizations throughout the County of Monterey will accept these used items and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner.

Accepting unbroken CFL lights free of charge: MRWMD HHW Drop-Off; Home Depot 


Household Batteries
Batteries are banned from landfills and are considered hazardous because of the toxic metals and other corrosive materials contained within. Batteries are also a valuable source of recyclable metal. Switch to rechargeable batteries to reduce waste. Millions of batteries are sold in California each year. According to survey results, less than 1% of these batteries are recycled.

Monterey City Disposal Service can now collect household batteries for recycling! Single-family households in Monterey may now recycle batteries by placing them on top of their recycling carts.

Program Guidelines
Accepted Batteries - 9V, AA, AAA, C and D
  • Place in a clear zipper bag, 1-quart or less 
  • Tape the tops of all square-base batteries (bags with untaped terminals will not be collected)
  • Place bag on top of the blue recycling cart lid - do not place inside cart
  • Only one 1-quart bag will be collected per week
  • Bags containing items other than what is specified above will not be collected
  • Liquid-acid and car batteries will not be collected
  • Single-family residences only. This service is not available to multi-family or commercial customers.
For questions, please contact Monterey City Disposal Service at (831) 372-7977.

Recent reports of pharmaceutical compounds in drinking water supplies have raised awareness for the need to property dispose of expired and unused pharmaceutical medications. Medications should never be flushed down the drain. The best solution is to return them to a pharmacy with a take-back program. Please check with your local pharmacy to see if they offer a take-back program. The Monterey Police Department, located on Madison Street, accepts all pharmaceuticals.

Do you use lancets or syringes with needles? Prevent accidental needle sticks and exposure to blood borne pathogens in your home and your community. ALWAYS use a sharps container for collecting sharps. NEVER place exposed or used sharps in the trash can or recycle bin. Approved drop-off locations (fees may apply):

Monterey Regional Waste Management District 14201 Del Monte Blvd, Marina (831) 384-5313

Contact the Monterey County Health Department for additional disposal options at (831) 755-4505 or visit their website.
Oils and Paints
Used Motor Oil and Filters
You can recycle your used motor oil and filters through curbside service if you are a single-family home! (Apartments and businesses, please visit for more information.) Please use only the special used motor oil container and filter bag, available free from a participating used motor oil collection center, or from MCDS (if available). Call (831) 372-7977.

Place the full container and filter bag at the curb next to your blue cart by 6:00 a.m. on your regular collection day. Use a funnel to transfer the oilinto the recycling container. Drain the filter over night to capture as much oil as possible. Place the used filter into the bag and seal. DO NOT mix oil with any other substances (e.g. antifreeze, brake fluid, fuel or water).
FACT: A single quart of motor oil,if disposed of improperly can contaminate up to 2 million gallons of fresh water.
Residents and businesses can take these materials to MRWMD HHW Drop Off Center for safe disposal or recycling. Free for residents. Charges apply for businesses.

Paints, Varnishes, Aerosol cans, Auto Fluids, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Herbicides, Mercury Thermometers
Toxics Disposal of Household Hazardous Waste Many common products that we use in our homes and daily lives may contain hazardous materials and require special care when disposed. These items become potentially harmful waste, also known as Household Hazardous Waste (HHW).

Never dispose of HHW items in the trash, sink, toilet or in a storm drain. Doing so can pollute our soil, groundwater, rivers and bay. Toxins released into the environment can harm wildlife and contaminate our air, water, and possibly the food we eat. Special regulations have been placed upon the disposal techniques of HHW.

Materials accepted at the HHW collection facility:
  • Latex and other paints
  • Paint thinners
  • Cleaners -bleach,drain openers, toilet cleaners, etc.
  • Pesticides
  • Fertilizer and other garden chemicals
  • Motor oil & filters
  • Antifreeze and other auto products
  • Household batteries
  • Auto batteries
  • Aerosol (spray) cans - not empty Sharps -needles, razors and syringes (in a proper container)
  • Fluorescent light bulbs and CFLs
  • Electronic waste -TVs, computers, cell phones, etc. Thermometers, thermostats and other mercury containing items