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Household, Business and Multi-family Recycling

Recycling at home is an easy way to keep waste out of the landfills and help Monterey reach its goal of Zero Waste. Remember to reduce what you use, reuse what you can, and recycle or donate the rest.

Other ways to reduce waste:
  • Composting food scraps and yard waste.
  • Reusing everyday household items.
  • Disposing of Household Hazardous Waste at the proper locations.
  • See what goes in the Blue, Brown and Green Carts

Reducing Waste At Home
Sustainability starts at home with the everyday choices you make such as using reusable bags while shopping, purchasing durable goods, or repairing items instead of sending them to the landfill. Used items can be donated to thrift stores, sold at garage sales or given away through websites such as FreeCycle.

When remodeling or building a new home, invest in Energy Star rated appliances and apply for rebates available from local agencies and retailers. Follow the City of Monterey Building Inspection Division for Green Building Ordinance information.

How to start a recycling program at your apartment or condo

According to California law, multifamily dwelling units (e.g. apartment complexes) of five units or more are required to arrange for recycling services. The good news is building owners or managers can sign up for FREE apartment recycling! Not only is recycling service free in the City of Monterey, but it can actually save your complex money! You pay to throw away, so the more you can divert to the recycling container, the less you will haul to the landfill.

Recycling is a simple process but facilities with multiple dwellings and shared waste and recycling enclosures face challenges that can ruin the best of efforts. Thanks to a grant from the State of California, Department of Conservation, recycling can not only be easy but can also provide cost savings for your facility.

To have recycling service at your apartment, you must have a storage area that is:
  • Hard, flat and level;
  • Convenient for tenants and collection vehicles to access or;
  • The ability to get your recycling bins to and from the curbside on your day of service.
Why consider this program
  • It's the law. According to California law, multifamily dwelling units (e.g. apartment complexes) of five units or more are required to arrange for recycling services.
  • Save money. It’s an easy equation: More Waste = Higher Disposal Costs! Recycling is offered at no cost to residents of the City of Monterey.
  • Help your community and the environment. Recycling conserves landfill space and saves scarce natural resources. It can also provide jobs and extra income to the community.
  • Make your building more attractive to tenants. Tenants, when educated properly, approve of efforts to reduce waste and lower maintenance costs.
This program is designed to support you each step of the way, and to help make your building’s recycling program a success. From planning to roll-out and on-going maintenance, you receive a toolkit that is filled with hands-on instructions, print-ready materials and information. There has never been a better time than now to implement recycling at your facility. This program provides the free infrastructure, education and staff assistance to develop, troubleshoot and implement your waste reduction program.

Call us today to enroll: (831) 646-5662 or email

- POSTED JUNE 1, 2017
According to California law, a business that generates four cubic yards or more of commercial solid waste per week is required to arrange for recycling services. This also applies to multifamily sites with five (5) or more units. There are several ways to comply with this law with the ultimate goal of diverting waste from the landfill. The good news is that recycling is free in the City of Monterey, and the Environmental Programs office can help you get started.

Most of the waste that is landfilled in the City of Monterey is from the commercial sector, i.e. businesses. Business owners juggle many responsibilities, so, we have tried to help find ways to reduce waste and recycle. Recycling is also a great way to save money. The more you recycle, the more you save by decreasing your bill for waste sent to the landfill! It's just that easy, and it's good business $cents$. Want to start your own recycling program? 

Food Scrap Collection Program available now for businesses in the City of Monterey

Are you a hospitality based business within The City of Monterey? Do you like to save money?

The Goal: Targeting tourism-based businesses to take some of our biggest trash generators and turn them into our biggest recycling generators. We also want to make recycling a natural thing to do; when you see blue bins you know they’re for recycling, and not trash.

The following are the types of containers that are typically offered through this program:

96 Gallon Exterior Recycling
23 Gallon Slim Jim
14 Gallon Recycling Box
7 Gallon Desk side Bin

This is a free program available to all tourist based businesses and venues.

Want more information? Want to sign up? Contact us! the Sustainability office at (831) 235-5415