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Home composting is an effective way to create mineral-rich soil naturally and without spending a cent. Finished compost is a wonderful soil amendment that improves the texture of the soil and adds important micro-nutrients. Compost retains nutrients from decaying material in a form that is easily absorbed by plants. Soil created by composting retains moisture at a much higher rate too. Leaves, grass clippings and food scraps are suitable for composting.

You know how wonderful a forest smells? That aroma of dense, healthy, thriving plants? That’s naturally occurring compost. Compost is rich, dark, great-smelling, crumbly and soil-like. You can start a compost pile with leaves and trimmings from your yard. Food scraps from your kitchen is an ideal addition to your compost pile. Meats, fish and poultry take a longer time to break down in your compost pile and attracts animals if not cared for properly. Include these only minimally.

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