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City Manager

The City Manager serves as the professional administrator of the City and is responsible for coordinating all day-to-day operations and administration. Duties include personnel and labor relations, the preparation and administration of the City budget, inter-governmental relations and organizing and implementing the City Council's policies. The City Manager is hired by the City Council and serves as the Council's chief adviser. The City Manager appoints a professional staff to help manage the organization.

Mornings-w-CM-CoverCheck out the Monterey Morning's with the Manager video playlist, and get the latest city news directly from the City Manager.

Executive Management team:
  • City Manager
  • City Attorney
  • Assistant City Manager
  • Community Development Director
  • Finance Director
  • Fire Chief
  • Human Resources Director
  • Library Director
  • Parks and Recreation Director
  • Police Chief
  • Public Works Director

Meet the City Manager, Hans Uslar

CM-Hans-Uslar-2019Web - CopyMr. Uslar began his career with the City of Monterey in 1997 as a management analyst and was promoted through the Plans and Public Works Department.  He became Assistant Director of Plans and Public Works in 2008, and Deputy City Manager/Plans and Public Works in 2012.

He played a key role in the Presidio of Monterey base operations contract, known as the Monterey Model, a benchmark for public-public partnerships since its start in 1998. He was named Assistant City Manager in 2014 and recently served as the City’s Interim City Manager.

Mr. Uslar’s previous experience includes serving as Project Manager at the Institute for Strategies and Studies in Waldbroel, Germany; Assistant Chief of Branch, Naval Policies and Strategies, Department of Defense, in Bonn, Germany; and Commanding Officer of the German Navy’s ship “Hermelin”, Kiel, Germany.

He holds a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Educational Theory from Bundeswehr University of Hamburg, Germany, and a Master of Science (MS) degree from the Naval Postgraduate School in Management.

Mr. Uslar is a member of the International City Manager’s Association and the Association of Defense Communities.

He lives in Monterey with his wife and they have a son, Ben, who lives and works in Monterey.

Fiscal Year 2021-22 Annual Operating City manager Budget Message
See the full budget document on the finance pages

Message from the City Manager, from the FALL 2022 edition of City focus


Dear Monterey Residents,

Several changes will be coming soon to City Hall. The 2022 election will result in the election of a new Mayor. Since we have two incumbents running for the mayoral office, the City Charter requires both candidates to surrender their seats on November 9, the day after the elections. That also means while one of them will be Monterey's new Mayor, the other vacant seat must be filled by appointment. Another significant new development is that for the first time, two Council members will be elected by their respective districts. Also, on behalf of staff, a special congratulations and thank you to Mayor Clyde for serving as Monterey Mayor, and to his wife, Dottie, for her steadfast support to the community.

Monterey has started working on the update of our Housing Element and General Plan! Over the next 13 months, you, the residents, will have multiple opportunities to voice your ideas and provide input to us. At the center of our work will be the quest to find an answer to the following question: How should the City be rezoned to accommodate 3,654 additional housing units?? Equally important will be to provide transparency about the existing and forecasted supply of water. The additional housing units will require additional water sources and allocations to allow developers to build those 3,654 units. I encourage all of you to stay involved and informed as we and all other communities move through this challenging process. Please read our "Monterey 2031" article on page 6 explaining this undertaking in more detail.

As always, the City Focus contains many interesting articles, which highlight certain aspects of our work and our initiatives. Monterey is truly a special place to live and work. Thank you for your help and support. Enjoy the upcoming holiday season. We have some new dining establishments that complement the longtime, popular restaurants, as well as many fun and interesting shops to explore. We always encourage to buy local! May the new year bring an ease to the economy and peaceful resolutions to the current conflicts happening around the world.


Communications and Outreach

The Communications and Outreach Office is a division of the City Manager's Office, and provides strategic communications, community engagement programs and media relations for the City of Monterey. The office manages the City's website, government access TV station, social media sites, and emergency radio station. Staff produce online newsletters, community surveys, videos, and serve as the Public Information Office in the event of an emergency. Learn more...