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Personal Training

personal training and fitness services

The Monterey Sports Center has a variety of personal training packages and fitness services to choose from and can be purchased online! Please click on the link below for step-by-step instructions on how to purchase. For more information or scheduling, please contact Marcia DiMercurio at or call the personal training office at (831) 646-3495.

Personal Training Rates and Services Flyer Effective January 1, 2024

Purchasing Personal Training 

Now hiring certified Personal Trainers. Competitive pay and flexible hours!
Personal Trainer Job Description

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Certified Personal Trainer

Forrest grew up in the Monterey Bay area. He received his Personal Training Certificate from Monterey Peninsula College in 2022 and has over five years of personal training experience with a highly diverse population. He loves helping people find the most enjoyable and effective way to fulfill their health goals. Forrest believes in creating an exercise program that is fun and can be sustained for the long term. He aims to improve quality of life outside the gym through exercises that can teach techniques and concepts for preventing injuries and living life to the fullest.


Certified Personal Trainer

Walbert is an ACSM certified personal trainer received his degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science from CSUMB in 2019. He's been working with clients for five years ranging from high school athletes who want to improve their athletic performance to geriatric clients who want to perform activities of daily living without pain or restrictions. He believes that with a proper exercise program, any client, at any age, or any level of fitness can make significant improvements in their quality of life.


Certified Personal Trainer

Ethan grew up in the small town of Monterey, Louisiana where he became a student of Kinesiology and completed his NASM Personal Training Certification at Louisiana State University Baton Rouge with specializations in balance, stretching and injury rehabilitation exercises. He wants to help his clients reach their fitness goals and prevent injury through personalized routines. 


Certified Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor

Marcia is a native from Brazil with over 17 years of experience as an MES certified personal trainer and AFAA certified group exercise instructor. She loves to work with all levels of fitness and strives to help each client achieve their individual goals. Marcia brings FUN to every session and every class!


Certified Personal Trainer

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nathan Krystek studied engineering at Arizona State University before switching paths to pursue a passion of serving others through firefighting and personal training. Now that he is ACE Certified, his goal is to take his training to the next level. After two years of learning to properly lift on his own, Nathan is excited to share is knowledge he found through research and self-practice with those looking to better themselves. 



Certified Personal Trainer

Leo Pedrosa is a dedicated physical education professional and NASM certified personal trainer from Mendoza, Argentina where he was champion rower for the Argentine National Rowing and Olympic teams. Leo's goal is to bring innovative and effective cross-training methods and opportunities to his clients and is dedicated to improving their overall health, fitness and wellness.


Certified Personal Trainer

Emma is a NASM c
ertified personal trainer, NASM certified nutrition coach, and AFAA group fitness instructor who recently moved back to the Central Coast from Seattle. She brings enthusiasm and expertise to every training session, guiding clients towards their strength, health and wellness goals. 


Certified Personal Trainer

Paul has been a NASM and ISSA certified personal trainer for over 15 years and is excellent at providing specialized programs that are specific to each client's needs. He also a Biolayne Certified Nutrition Specialist. Throughout his time as a trainer, he has worked with clients of all different levels ranging from coaching a 15 year old football player to helping rehabilitate and strengthen a 92 year old with a recent hip replacement surgery. Paul specializes in providing strength training, metabolic training and nutrition/weight loss programs. 


Certified Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor

Jenna has been and ACE Certified Personal Trainer for 6 years and and AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor for 12 years. From teaching dance, weight training and group cycling, she loves sharing her passion for fitness with others. Whether it's a new mom trying to get back in shape, someone prepping for a bodybuilding competition, or an active older adult who wants to move their body more effectively, Jenna loves to train and challenge her clients no matter what stage of life they are living. She is also an ISSA Certified Nutrition Specialist, Transformation Specialist and Bodybuilding Specialist and utilizes her knowledge to create personalized plans to fit her client's needs.