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What is Vision Zero?

Vision Zero is an international road safety movement rooted in the philosophy that no loss of life due to road crashes is acceptable or inevitable. Vision Zero sets the goal of reducing fatalities and severe injuries to zero – the only acceptable number.

Why Vision Zero?

On average, approximately more than 30,000 people lose their lives on U.S. roads each year. Of these, about 18% are people walking and riding bicycles, our most vulnerable road users. Vision Zero prioritizes safety over all other interests.

What is a Vision Zero Action Plan?

Vision Zero action plans are designed to look at road safety as a public health issue, they seek to unify priorities for infrastructure design, safety education, behavior enforcement and evaluation around the goal of zero road fatalities and severe injuries.

Vision Zero Monterey was adopted by City Council November 7, 2017.

Vision Zero Cities Map

Monterey is on the map! From Seattle to New York City, San Diego to Washington, D.C. a number of leading cities have committed to Vision Zero. For more information about Vision Zero, visit the Vision Zero Network website:

Vision Zero City Map

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