Building Permit Application

Prior to applying for a building permit, the following may be required:

  • Approval from Architectural Review Committee (at least preliminary approval) or Homeowners Association approval
  • Single Family Review done by the Planning Department
  • Use permit or Variance permit (if applicable)

Applicants must have the following when applying for a building permit:

  • Address of project (all projects are filed by address)
  • Square footage of any new construction or addition
  • Name, address, and phone number of building owner
  • Name, address, and phone number of contractor (if known)
  • Plan check fee (Based on project valuation)

The following additional fees may apply:

  • W.S.I. (Water Systems Improvement fees), assessed at the Fire Department
  • School fees if habitable area added exceeds 500 SF
  • Parks & Recreation fees (5 units or more)
  • TAMC fees (Transportation Agency for Monterey County). Regional impact fee for new structures or change of use.

Additional permits/approvals that may be needed prior to permit issuance:

  • M. R. W. P. C. A. sewer permit or waiver (The “Sewer” Agency) (372-2385)
  • Water Management District permit or waiver (658-5601)
  • Health Dep’t. for restaurants, public spas and swimming pools (647-7650)
  • Fisherman's Wharf only: Army Corps of Engineers, Coastal Commission approval and pre-construction meeting
  • MBUAPCD: For Demolitions (647-9411)

Contractors must have the following prior to permit issuance:

  • California State Contractor's license
  • Worker's compensation insurance certificate
  • Current City of Monterey business license (646-3944)
Note: Only licensed contractors or building owners may take out a building permit. Please contact the Building Permit & Inspection Division at 646-3890 for any additional information.

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