Fisherman's Wharf and Wharf II

Wharf Monterey's Fisherman's Wharf I

Old Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf was constructed before the turn of the century. The Wharf was purchased by the City of Monterey in 1913 and has since been reconstructed several times. It was originally used to handle cargo shipping but with the development of Monterey's fishing trade, was converted to uses related to the sardine industry. Today the Wharf is a center for residents and visitors that offers fine restaurants, fish markets, art and gift shops, sport fishing, whale watching cruises, harbor sightseeing trips and party charters.

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Municipal Wharf II

The Municipal Wharf II was constructed in 1926 at a cost of $262,000.

It is the eastern most structure in Monterey Harbor. Facilities located on Wharf II include five wholesale fish companies, a commercial abalone farm, public restrooms, snack bar, restaurants, boat hoist and the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club. The Yacht club has a private dock and offers limited reciprocal berthing. Contact the Yacht Club at (831) 372-9686 for more information.

Commercial Dive Charters depart from the "Yellow Boat Dock" on the West side of Wharf II outside the Marina's protective sea wall.

Pump out stations are located on the West side of Wharf II on the "Yellow Boat Dock" and in the Marina on the A-Extension Dock.

A 700-foot fishing promenade extends out from Wharf II and covers the protective sea wall on the East side of the Marina. Anglers may fish from the East side of the wharf. A fishing license is not required for sport fishing from a public pier or wharf in California. No fishing is allowed around the commercial facilities and in the marina for safety reasons. These areas are clearly posted "No Fishing." Metered parking is available on the promenade.

A recent addition to Wharf II was a 3-ton, FOB operated, public boat hoist. The hoist is available 24-hours a day 7-days. Users must complete a short instruction brief with the Harbor staff before they are authorized to operate the hoist. Please call the Harbormasters office to schedule an appointment for instruction. 

To the East of Wharf II is Del Monte Beach. Kayaks may be rented and launched from the beach; introductory classes and rental wet suits are available.

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VHF RADIO: Harbor staff monitors, on a 24 hour basis, Channel 05a is our working VHF channel. Channel 16 - hailing channel for emergencies and Monterey United States Coast Guard.

LATITUDE-LONGITUDE: Monterey Harbor Light 6 located at the end of the Monterey breakwater is 36°36.5' North by 121°53.4' West per the 2018 U.S. Coast Guard Light list.

PHONE: (831) 646-3950 Day / 594-7760 Evening "After hours" / 646-5674 Fax

Office Open everyday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
(5 p.m. to 8 a.m.) For check out or check in, information, transient berthing requests, etc.

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