What is Vision Zero?

Vision Zero is an international road traffic safety movement – its ultimate goal: to eliminate traffic fatalities and severe injuries among all road users. The vision is rooted in the philosophy that loss of life from traffic collisions is not acceptable or inevitable. Vision Zero prioritizes safety over all other interests.

More than 20 cities across the U.S. have formally committed to Vision Zero. Cities such as New York, San Francisco, Portland, and Fort Lauderdale have rolled out Vision Zero Action Plans.

What is a Vision Zero Action Plan?

Vision Zero action plans are designed to look at traffic safety as a public health issue, they seek to unify priorities for infrastructure design, public education and enforcement efforts around the goal of zero traffic fatalities and serious injuries.

The City of Monterey is working to develop a Vision Zero Action Plan.
The City of Monterey already has a strong focus on traffic safety as a priority. In 2013, the City developed and adopted the Multi-Modal Mobility Plan “Monterey on the Move.” This plan provides the foundation for shifting the transportation approach from moving cars to moving people efficiently and safely throughout the City. Last year, the City hosted over 20 educational events as part of its traffic safety education program, “Walk & Bike Safe in Monterey,” including classroom presentations, bike and pedestrian rodeos. To learn more about this program, visit the Walk and Bike Safe page.

The Vision Zero Action Plan will complement and build on these efforts. Stay tuned for updates on Vision Zero Monterey!

For more information about Vision Zero, visit the Vision Zero Network website: visionzeronetwork.org. For a full list of Vision Zero cities, see this map.

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