Consider alternative transportation methods and commit to spending more time on sidewalks, trails, and bike paths, and less time on the road!

Don't forget to see how the City of Monterey is doing their part to reduce vehicle emissions, with our growing fleet of hybrid and all-electric vehicles! For more information on bicycling in Monterey, check out the Monterey Bay Coastal Bike Path map or Bicycling Monterey, sponsor of HER Helmet Thursdays and a great source of bicycling news, events, and local deals!

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5 ways to cut your car's emissions

For much of the early history of the car, no consideration was given to various environmental effects caused by the automobile. American cars and trucks are a huge source of global warming pollution. U.S. autos emit more than 333 million tons of carbon dioxide each year, more than one-fifth of the nation's total carbon dioxide emissions.

Compared with the rest of the world, American auto emissions are disproportionately high. With only 5 percent of the world's population and 30 percent of the world's automobiles, the United States contributes 48 percent of the world's automotive CO2 emissions.

With so much talk about biodiesel fuel, hybrids, and hydrogen powered cars, it may seem like you can't use your old car at all if you're concerned about the environment. While a lifestyle change is probably inevitable for all of us eventually, there are many things we can do until eco-friendly models make our gas-powered cars of today obsolete.

Of course, decreasing how much and how often we drive is the best solution for our ecological conundrum, but since most of us won't give up driving all together, consider the following five easy ways to decrease your car's environmental impact.

5 ways to cut your emissions:

  • Service your car - You'll increase your fuel efficiency, decrease your greenhouse gas emissions, and add to your car's life.
  • Skip the drive-through - If you spend just 5 minutes in the drive-thru for lunch each weekday, that's a total of 1300 minutes, or more than 21 hours, a year!
  • Slow down - Because wind resistance builds up so much with higher speeds, every mile per hour you drive over 55 decreases your fuel economy by 2%.
  • Scrape the windshield - Break out your eco-friendly windshield scraper and scrape that ice away!
  • Check your tires - Under-inflated tires are bad because they increase the friction between your rubber and the road, and all that friction accounts for horrible gas mileage as well as increased carbon emissions.

City Fleet Goes Electric

Have you seen a neat City of Monterey vehicle driving around town? These are our “All Electric” and “Zero Emissions” Global Electric Motorcars (GEM). Special thanks to our City administration for encouraging environmentally friendly vehicle travel within Monterey. The City of Monterey has obtained a number of savvy all-electric vehicles for regular use around the city. These vehicles boasts regenerative breaking, solid construction and handling, approximately 40 miles of range, and a max speed of 25 miles per hour… uphill.

The city now has three types of electric vehicles roaming as part of the city work fleet, with zero vehicle emissions; five electric carts, one electric car, and seven hybrid cars (as of 2016). These electric vehicles make travel a zip for busy staff during everyday operations. Charging an electric vehicle costs less and utilizes energy more efficiently than internal combustion engines, reducing the City's impact on our air quality in Monterey.

For more info on local air quality and pollution mitigation, see the Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District website.

If you’re considering purchasing an electric vehicle for personal use, be sure to check out the State of California's website for incentives and rebates for these alternative fuel vehicles.