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The Multi-Modal Mobility Plan - Adopted by City Council March 19, 2013

Background & Description

The City of Monterey is committed to supporting and promoting alternative modes of transportation such as bicycling, walking and transit. In 2009 the City Council adopted a Bicycle Transportation Plan (BTP) which, due to budget constraints, did not address pedestrian facilities and circulation and end of use bicycle facilities. In recognition of the need to enhance mobility options for residents and visitors, the 2009 BTP will be expanded to address all bicycle, pedestrian and transit rider needs. In February 2012, the City of Monterey received a Community-Based Transportation Planning grant from Caltrans to develop the City of Monterey Multi-Modal Mobility Plan (MMMP). 

The project area includes the City of Monterey, and will focus on linking surrounding regional facilities, the City's mixed-use areas, visitor destinations, recreation and open space areas, educational facilities, and residential neighborhoods. The MMMP will maximize linkages between each planning area and destinations outlined above and create a comprehensive, citywide plan that will further the goals to maintain, manage, and enhance the movement of goods and people; and to spur the economic development and growth, job creation, and trade.

Main Objectives

  • Improve pedestrian circulation Citywide by providing safe convenient connections between residential, commercial and recreational areas.
  • Expand the 2009 City of Monterey Bicycle Transportation Plan and identify ways to strengthen the connection between bicycling, walking and transit.
  • Ensure that the plan serves the diverse needs of the community while contributing to economic growth.
  • Ensure that the plan supports local, regional and State goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Engage all relevant stakeholders in the planning process including those who are traditionally under-represented.

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2013 Public Meetings

  • Planning Commission Meeting: Jan 22, 4 p.m. City Hall Council Chambers [ Agenda | Minutes]
  • Parks and Recreation Commission:  Feb. 21, 7 p.m. City Hall Council Chambers [ Agenda | Minutes ]
  • City Council:  March 19, 4 p.m. City Hall Council Chambers [ Agenda | Minutes ]

Advisory Committee

Alexander Cappelli
Tim Meehan
Matthew Sundt
Lynn Burgess
Mike Gallant
Bob Guidi
Susan Ragsdale Cronin
Hank Armstrong

For more information, questions or comments about Monterery On The Move, please contact:
Fernanda Roveri
Senior Associate Planner
(831) 242-8788