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Cal Green LogoConstruction and demolition (C&D) activity accounts for nearly 30% of all the waste generated in California. The California Green Building Code, or CALGreen, requires all permitted residential and non-residential construction, demolition and additions/alterations projects to recycle or salvage a minimum 65% of nonhazardous construction materials from the project.

For more information on C&D recycling,  Construction and Demolition Recycling Brochureand how to comply with C&D diversion requirements of the CALGreen on the Monterey Peninsula, please see Construction and Demolition Recycling by the Monterey Regional Waste Management District (MRWMD). You can also review a PDF copy of their brochure.

The City does not require that contractors use the MRWMD. Here are other options for disposal. We recommend you call the facility first to ensure that the waste type you are bringing will be accepted. You can also find more information about each on the CalRecycle website.

  • Marina Landfill
  • Eagle Hauling
  • Randazzo Enterprises
  • Don Chapin Co.
  • Sun Street Transfer Station
  • Salinas Disposal, Transfer and Recycling
  • Johnson Canyon Landfill
  • Jolon Road Transfer Station

Timeline of Green Building in Monterey

January, 2014
As of January 1st the City of Monterey no longer uses the Monterey Green Building Program; the City adopted the 2013 California Green Building Standards Code also known as CalGreen. The requirements under this code can be found on the California Building Standards Commission website at

August, 2009
Implementation of Mandatory Phase of Green Building Program

August, 2008

  • Implementation of Voluntary Phase of Green Building Program
  • Launch of Green Building Program Web Site

July, 2008

  • Public Hearing of Green Building Ordinance before City Council, unanimously adopted.
  • Second Reading of Green Building

April, 2008

  • Presentation of Green Building Ordinance to Architectural Review Committee (ARC)
  • Presentation of Green Building Ordinance to Historic Preservation Committee (HPC)
  • Public Hearing of Green Building Ordinance before Planning Commission, recommendation for City Council to approve Negative Declaration and pass the Ordinance and Resolution to print.

March, 2008
Filing of Negative Declaration as part of CEQA requirements

February, 2008
2nd Public Appearance of Green Building Ordinance at Planning Commission

January, 2008
1st Public Appearance of Green Building Ordinance at Planning Commission

November, 2007
1st Annual Green Building Expo

October, 2007
Second Green Building Town Hall Meeting

September, 2007

  • Creation of Green Building Program Mission Statement
  • Creation of Green Building Program Logo, Branding
  • Outreach to Partners including local jurisdictions, Monterey Regional Waste Management District, Monterey Regional Water District, County Health Department, USGBC, National Association of Remodel Industry, Monterey Business Cluster

August, 2007
Green Building Town Hall Meeting

July, 2007

  • Signing of UN Urban Environmental Accords and Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement
  • Inventory of Existing Green Policies and Practices
  • Analysis of Historic and Projected Development

June, 2007
Initial research on best practices

May, 2007
Initial meeting of interdepartmental Green Building Task Force – monthly meetings thereafter

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