Tsunamis are a constant threat to the coasts of our world. Although tsunamis are infrequent along the California coast, it is possible and necessary to prepare for potential tsunami hazards to minimize loss of life and property. Community awareness programs are important, as they strive to create an informed society by providing education and training.

How do I know a Tsunami is coming?
Strong ground shaking, a loud ocean roar, or the water receding unusually far exposing the sea floor are all nature’s warnings that a tsunami may be coming. If you observe any of these warning signs, immediately go to higher ground or inland. A tsunami may arrive within minutes and may last for eight hours or longer. Stay away from coastal areas until officials announce that it is safe to return. Official warnings may also occur- radio, television, telephone, text message, door-to-door contact by emergency responders.

If you feel a strong earthquake while near the coast:

  1. PROTECT yourself during the earthquake
  2. MOVE to high ground or inland as soon as you can
  3. STAY there.

On March 23, 2021, the California Geological Survey and its partners will release new Tsunami Hazard Area Maps in Monterey County for the public. We encourage you to visit tsunami.ca.gov to see if a tsunami can occur where you live, work, or visit.  Once you are on the website, go to the maps page and find your location by typing in your address or use your current location to pinpoint your location on the Tsunami Hazard Area Map.

The updated maps on tsunami.ca.gov are more accurate and easier to access and to understand. This is a great opportunity for the public to check the maps and the California Tsunami Preparedness Guide to see where they live and update their personal and family plans for tsunami evacuation. Go to the map website and type in your address to see if you are in a hazard area or contact your local Office of Emergency Services.