Services Dashboard

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Services, Activities, Facilities Open or Closed Contact Information
Emergency Operations Center Level 2
Police Status Response Normal Officer Needed, Dispatch, Non-Emergency
(831) 646-3914 (9-1-1 Emergency)
Fire Status Response Normal Non-Emergency: (831) 646-3914  (9-1-1 Emergency)
Parking Enforcement Adjusted - Garages open but no attendants; security in place; Lots open.
Monterey Harbor Open

Parks and Recreation Programming Temporarily Suspended Contact Information
Monterey Sports Center Closed 831-646-3730
Monterey Recreation Office Closed 831-646-3866
Monterey Recreation Preschool Programs Closed Please Call the Community Center directly
Casanova Oak Knoll Park Center Closed Including Restroom 831-646-5665
El Estero Park Center Closed 831-646-3873
Hilltop Park Center Closed Including Restroom 831-646-3975
Scholze Park Center Closed 831-646-3878
Field Sports Program Closed 831-646-3969
Monterey Parks Open *Playgrounds Closed 831-646-3860
Monterey Beaches Partial Beach Closure  
Dennis the Menace Playground Closed 831-646-3860
Veteran's Memorial Park Campground Closed 831-646-3865
El Encinal Cemetery Office Closed 831-646-3864

Library & Museum Open or Closed Contact Information
Monterey Public Library/Bookmobile    

Community Development and Public Works Public Offices Limited Contact Information
Building & Safety    

Business Districts Open or Closed Contact Information
Cannery Row
Del Monte Center
Fisherman's Wharf
Lighthouse District New Monterey
Old Monterey / Downtown