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01/11/2018: Traffic Enforcement Officers

Monterey Police

  • 11 January 2018
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01/11/2018: Traffic Enforcement Officers


On January 7, 2017, the Monterey Police Department (MPD) assigned two officers to traffic positions as part of the Patrol Division. The mission of the traffic officers is to reduce dangerous driving through enforcement of traffic laws. Traffic officers had not been assigned for many years due to staffing limitations. The MPD consistently fields complaints regarding violations of traffic laws and reckless driving and the community requested that the MPD add officers that are specifically devoted to traffic enforcement.

The traffic officers are part of the department’s commitment to the Vision Zero Action Plan, which was adopted by the City on November 07, 2017. The Vision Zero Action Plan is an international road safety movement, with the ultimate goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and severe injuries among all road users. The vision is rooted in the philosophy that loss of life from traffic collisions is not acceptable or inevitable.

The MPD is reminding drivers to buckle up, slow down, be aware of pedestrians and bicyclist in the roadway or crossing the street, not engage in distracted driving (cell phones, etc.) and follow the rules of the road. The MPD is glad to announce that with recent additions to staffing and officers completing training officers are now assigned to traffic positions and they will be vigorously enforcing the California Vehicle Code in Monterey.

Questions regarding this media release can be directed to Lieutenant Mike Bruno at (831) 646-3965 or bruno@monterey.org.