Fixing Streets - Measure P

Presentation to City Council at the February 20, 2018 meeting - Measure P History, Progress and Options to Renew - available in PDF, and also on video-on-demand (beginning at 30 minutes).

Streets Status, April 2018

Measure P Street Resurfacing Status Map Measure PProject Status Map, April 2018

Fixing Streets Measure P Sign

Measure P Second Year Report

Second Year Report | PDF Version

First Year Report | PDF Version

Measure P FAQs

$17.2 million for 728 street segments - A street segment is a portion of a street defined from intersection to intersection- basically each block. These streets were identified for inclusion by the City's pavement management system. The street listing was identified at Council meetings and actions that led to the justification for a ballot initiative.

$10.08 million for ADA upgrades - Federal Law requires City's to bring its facilities into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) when it performs rehabilitation work to infrastructure (i.e. streets). Activities such as asphalt overlay or road reconstruction require that additional work be completed to bring accessory components (i.e. curb ramps) into compliance with current standards. Work such as pothole repair and slurry seals are considered maintenance and do not meet the threshold to mandate compliance.

$2.72 million for storm drain repair - Work has been identified to bring the lowest rated storm drain pipes into a state of good repair (approximately 5400 lf). Additional funding was identified to maintain storage ponds and replace pumping infrastructure.

$2 million for sidewalk repairs - Sidewalk work will be performed to repair the highest prioritized sidewalk displacement (type 3- displaced more than 3/4").

Traffic Calming Measures - The funding was identified to rehabilitate existing street infrastructure. Traffic calming does not fit in that description. Items such as bulb-outs at intersections will be 'driven' by the need to make ADA ramps compliant.

Curb and Gutter Repair - Functional curb and gutters will not be replaced even if it is not aesthetically pleasing.

Driveways - With vary minor exceptions, work on driveways will not occur (the exception is to meet compliance for an ADA corner ramp and there is a conflict with an existing ramp).

Neighborhoods - In general terms, work will occur on the eastern and western ends of the City and work will progress towards the center.

Street/ADA Work -

  • Street segments will be field evaluated to confirm the appropriate treatment.
  • Areas that are to receive maintenance work (slurry), will be packaged together for construction. The anticipation is that two slurry packages will go out each of the four years (spring and fall). It is very likely that the slurry work will occur on a City wide basis.
  • Areas to receive rehabilitation will be analyzed for ADA compliance.
  • ADA ramp design and construction will occur.
  • When compliance is achieved, a paving package will be prepared and work will occur. Paving work will likely be more concentrated to specific areas.

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Fun Facts

Week beginning
JUNE 25:

Please note: The schedule is subject to change.
Active Engineering Projects Schedule
  • Scholze Community Center parking lot- starts June 25 and lasts into August - parking lot will not be accessible during this work.
  • North Fremont Bike and Pedestrian Access and Safety Improvement Project - Intersection work continues at North Fremont and Casa Verde that includes saw cutting and demolition - learn more about this project: and sign up for email updates | Groundbreaking event,Tuesday, June 26 at 11 AM.
  • Measure P Citywide Street Resurfacing, Phase 6 - MAP | LIST OF STREETS | SCHEDULE Patch paving work continues (work done prior to the resurfacing phase.)
  • Measure P Citywide ADA Ramps and Streets Reconstruction, Phase 6 - Via Gayuba, York Road, Perry Lane, and Vets Park Campsite | LIST OF STREET SEGMENTS | SCHEDULE | NOTE: Work continues on the 100 block of Via Gayuba. (Work will be delayed at the 200 block of Via Gayuba due to utility work needed.) Traffic control in place during this work.
  • MEASURE P Citywide Signalized Intersections ADA Upgrades Phase 1 - Sidewalk work continues at Del Monte at Tyler - the area will open during the 4th of July holiday. Work will resume July 9 on conform paving at intersection. Traffic control will be in place. - JUNE - JULY SCHEDULE
  • Montecito Park Entry and Seating Installation and Phase 2 Site Improvements Project - finishing touches (NIP and CDBG)
  • 200- 300 block of English Avenue - Work continues to install new curbs, sidewalks, drains, and gutters. (NIP)
  • Colton Hall ADA Improvements - work will impact parking in the Dutra lot - NEWS RELEASE (Grants, NIP and CIP)
  • Cal Am Monterey Pipeline Project (Non-City Project) - also see
    Airport and Fremont paving; line testing from High St. to Larkin; work continues at Mark Thomas Dr. SCHEDULE through July 6.
    Have a question or concern? Call the CalAm project hotline at: (831) 646-3297
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Education Center Construction (Non-City Project) Periodic and Brief Delays on Recreation Trail at Hoffman Avenue Weekdays through Fall 2018.

construction signs


  1. Breakwater Bathroom ADA Upgrades, Phase 2 - Work coming soon on adjacent parking spaces - (NIP)
  2. Citywide sewer spot repairs, includes David Avenue at Jessie Street- see map - (sewer fund and "What a Relief")
  3. MEASURE P - Storm drain repair on Recreation Trail at Dickman Avenue
  4. Solar Panels installed at Monterey Conference Center - mid summer


  • Wharf II Pile Replacement & Repair - Critical repairs under wharf. (CIP)
  • Cooper Molera Adobe State Historic Park, Polk and Munras (Non-City Project) Public reopening of this shared use site on July 4th, 12 noon to 4 PM. Enjoy the chance to preview the site as construction wraps up during this day of fun for the whole community! Details posted next week.
  • Van Buren Senior Housing Project Van Buren Senior Housing is the result of a partnership between the City of Monterey and MidPen Housing to bring much needed affordable senior housing to the city. Van Buren is ideally situated in downtown Monterey – only a short walk from parks, a library, a major regional transit center, a large grocery store, and various other amenities. Construction is expected to be completed in July with phased move-ins starting in late June. Grand opening celebration being planned for fall 2018.

CalTrans may be performing other work locally. Look up CalTrans construction.

Area Maps

The maps below show the Measure P projects scheduled by area

City-wide Interactive Map
Zone 1 Map
Zone 2 Map
Zone 3 Map
Zone 4 Map
Zone 5 Map
  • Measure P Oversight Committee - see page for list of meetings
  • Monday, February 23 at the Monterey Youth Center
  • Wednesday, February 18 at the Casanova-Oak Knoll Park Center
  • Wednesday, February 11 at the Council Chambers WATCH MEETING VIDEO-ON-DEMAND
  • Monday, February 9 at the Hilltop Park Center

Measure P Tax Quick Facts