Fixing Sewers - What a Relief

This project was organized in two phases and six packages. Phase 1 included packages 1, 2 and 4. Phase 2 included packages 3, 5 and 6. Currently, work in packages 3, 5 and 6 remain. Specifically, there are spot repairs in 12 -17 locations, as well as some additional pipe-bursting and lining work to be completed. It is anticipated that this work will be completed by the end of March 2019.
Thank you to the entire community for your patience and understanding during this important infrastructure work - What a Relief!

Sanitary Sewer System Rehabilitation Program


The City of Monterey is repairing and replacing its aging sewer system. The project will fix 441 sewer pipes and 516 sewer manholes located in streets and easements throughout the City. This is the second phase of a project that began in 2014. A rehabilitated sewer system will prevent sewer leaks and spills that could harm our quality of life, local economy and the pristine waters of the Monterey Bay.

Repairs are expected to begin in early 2016 and may continue for 18 months. Sewer pipes and manholes most in need of rehabilitation due to cracks, breaks, or root intrusion will be fixed first. Repairs may involve trenching, pipe bursting, or pipe lining.

Monterey’s engineering staff will be meeting with neighborhood groups and business associations in November and December to outline the project and its impact on local areas.

Funding for the $16 million sewer rehabilitation program comes from a low-interest state loan. The City has already completed a rehabilitation project on the city’s five sewer lift stations.

Citywide reconstruction of 500 manholes - expect work in your area - SEE MAP

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Week beginning
June 17, 2019:

Active Engineering Projects Schedule
Please note: Schedule is subject to change.
  1. West Parking Garage ADA Upgrades - Work my impact Tyler Street and lot entrance. (CIP)
  2. Glenwood Bus Stop and Crosswalk Improvement - Traffic impacts include one way traffic and some detours during work hours. Project will last until about mid-August. See page 42 - and Item 14, (NIP)
  3. MEASURE S Sidewalk Repair - Robinson Street between Figueroa and Cortes streets. Sidewalk repair and repair of three driveways estimated to take one more week to complete.
  4. Sewer Rehab pipe bursting - The two remaining locations, Wharf 2 and the Munras onramp to Highway 1 South, will be done by the end of July. More details coming soon. ("What a Relief")
  5. North Fremont Bike and Pedestrian Access and Safety Improvement Project - Ramona intersection on track to finish by the end of June. Thank you for your continued patience while we complete this project. Latest summary of work - CREWS:
    - mobilized at the end of June last year so they are just coming up on a year of construction
    - lost an entire month of working days due to rain
    - encountered many unknown underground utility conflicts which required working around/relocating
    - have been working with PG&E coordinating work that they must do before they complete their work; PG&E's ability to provide crews was hampered by responding to storm damage during our weather events
    - are working as hard and fast as possible; including some weekends to try to make up time.
    For more information please see the FACT SHEET Learn more about this project: and sign up for email updates

construction signs


  1. None at this time


  1. MEASURE S Barnet Segal Lane Repaving Project
  2. MEASURE S Street Improvements - Potholing on Mar Vista for future street repairs that will start in a few months.
  3. Sewer Lining Project (Sewer CIP Repair Fund)
  4. Cannery Row Parking Garage Elevator Enclosure Scheduled for fall 2019 - (CIP)

CalTrans may be performing other work locally. Look up CalTrans construction.

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