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August 19, 2019:

Active Engineering Projects Schedule
Please note: Schedule is subject to change.
  1. Caminito Del Sur Storm Drain Improvements - This project will last a couple of weeks but will have minimal impact. Work at 5 and 36 addresses. (NIP and CIP)
  2. MEASURE S Road Surface Repair Phase 1 SEE MAP | LIST OF STREETS - Starts Sep. 3 - Specific schedule coming soon
  3. Sewer Lining Project SCHEDULE (Sewer CIP Repair Fund)
  4. Glenwood Bus Stop and Crosswalk Improvement - Concrete and electrical pole work this week - Minimal traffic impacts. Project will last until about early Sep. See page 42 - https://monterey.org/Portals/0/Reports/NIP/NIP-Manual-2016.pdf and Item 14, https://monterey.org/Portals/0/Reports/NIP/NIP-FY17-18-Approved-Projects.pdf (NIP)
  5. Sewer Rehab pipe bursting - The two remaining locations, Wharf 2 and the Munras onramp to Highway 1 South - scheduled for mid-Sep. ("What a Relief")
  6. North Fremont Bike and Pedestrian Access and Safety Improvement Project - Lane closure at Ramona is now open.  Two lanes are now available in both directions of travel the length of N Fremont (there is one shoulder closure  remaining near the Ramona MST Jazz stop). No parking signs will remain in place until the final striping is completed in the last week of August. Beginning next week, will be intermittent lane closures as needed for the next 2 - 3 weeks while crews complete striping, signals, bike rail installation and landscaping. INVITATION TO THE  "THANK YOU TO THE COMMUNITY" AND GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION ON SAT., SEP. 14
    For more information please see the FACT SHEET Learn more about this project: monterey.org/NFremontBikePed

construction signs


  1. Wayfinding Signage Project (CIP)
  2. MEASURE S Street Improvements - Potholing on Mar Vista for future street repairs that will start in a few months.
  3. Cannery Row Parking Garage Elevator Enclosure - Elevator on Wave Street side of garage will be closed for approximately 11 weeks from mid-Oct into Feb 2020 - (CIP)

CalTrans may be performing other work locally. Look up CalTrans construction.

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