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Understanding the Statement of Economic Interests / Form 700

No public official at any level of state or local government shall make, participate in making or in any way attempt to use his official position to influence a governmental decision in which he knows or has reason to know he has a financial interest.
California Government Code § 87100. Public Officials; State and Local.
What is the Form 700?  The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) of the State of California requires designated individuals to disclose their economic interests within their jurisdiction by filing a Statement of Economic Interests (SEI), also known as the Form 700.  The Form 700 is used to determine what, if any, conflicts of interest the filer may have.  Once filed, the form becomes a public document.  


Who must file Form 700?  The City of Monterey's Conflict of Interest Code, as adopted by City Council most recently via Resolution 18-164 C.S., defines and designates the individuals required to file the Form 700.  All elected officials, candidates for political office, boardmembers, commissioners, committee members, designated staff members, and certain consultants serving the City must file the form.  For more on the requirements for consultants, please read the section titled "Why do Consultants Need to File Form 700?" further down this page.


How do I file Form 700?  
  1. You may print the form from the FPPC's website: Form 700.  
  2. Here are some pointers for the cover page:
    • Box 1:  
      • Agency Name is "City of Monterey"
      • Division, Board, Department, District:  Examples include "City Council" (if you are an elected official), "Parks and Recreation Commission" (if you are a commissioner), "Human Resources Department" (if you are staff), "XYZ Consulting Firm" (if you are a consultant), etc.
      • Your Position:  Examples include "Councilmember," "Commissioner," "Administrative Analyst," "Consultant," etc.
    • Box 2: City of Monterey
    • Box 3: Check the applicable time period box.  
    • Box 4: Check the appropriate boxes to cover all schedules you will be attaching, and indicate the total number of pages.
    • Box 5
      • Completed Forms 700 are kept for the record in the City Clerk's Office and are available for public review.  City officials and employees may choose to use the City's address on this form.
      • Please sign, date, and use an original, "wet" signature on the copy you give to the City Clerk.
  3. On the various schedules, be sure to report all economic interests within the City of Monterey.  Instructions for all schedules are included.  
  4. Deliver or mail your original signed Form 700 (with "wet" signature on the cover page, and all applicable schedules attached) to the City Clerk's office.  The FPPC deadline for filing annual forms is April 1 most years.  Assuming and leaving office forms must be filed within 30 days of assuming or leaving office.


How can I get help? 
  • The FPPC's Form 700 page has instructions, blank forms, a Form 700 Reference Pamphlet, fact sheets, etc.
  • The FPPC gives specific guidelines about reporting Gifts, Honoraria, Travel, or Loans.  There is also a new app offered by the FPPC that will track gifts received throughout the year.
  • Our office can assist with basic questions but cannot give legal advice, so if you have further questions about the form or filing requirements, please contact your legal counsel or take advantage of the FPPC's advice email service at or call their toll-free advice hotline at 1-866-ASK-FPPC (1-866-275-3772), open Mondays through Thursdays from 9:00am - 11:30am.


Why do consultants need to file Form 700?

Consultants working for the City of Monterey, including the professions of architect, engineer, environmental and construction management (GC §4526); financial, economic, accounting, medical and legal services (GC §53060); and artists, surveyors, and training or educational consultants (MCC §28-30) are required annually to file a Form 700 with the City Clerk's Office. 

Consultants are included in Disclosure Category I of our Conflict of Interest Code as adopted by Resolution 18-164 C.S.  (See Exhibit A.)  The definition of Disclosure Category I is:  "An appointed board, committee, or commission member or a designated City employee in this category must report investments, business positions, interests in real property, and sources of income, including gifts, loans, and travel payments from 3rd parties (not the City) within the City of Monterey's jurisdiction."  The resolution goes on to state: "Consultants shall be included in the list of designated employees and shall disclose pursuant to the broadest disclosure category in the code."

Many of the legal contracts between the City of Monterey and its consultants also include a Conflict of Interests clause which requires annual filing of the Form 700.