This page provides information pertaining to the City of Monterey Oversight Board to the Successor Agency. The Oversight Board's duties, as outlined in Health and Safety Code Section 34180, involve discretionary review and approval of all financial activities of the Successor Agency.

The Successor Agency is the legal entity tasked with winding down the affairs of the former City of Monterey Redevelopment Agency which was dissolved as of February 1, 2012 as required by the State of California Dissolution Act (ABx1 26) codified as Health and Safety Code Sections 34161 - 34191.

On April 25,2012, the Oversight Board had its first meeting. On May 9, 2012, the Board approved the Initial Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule and the Second Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule.

Schedules, Agendas and Resolutions





Elizabeth Caraker
Principal Planner
Voice: (831) 646-3885

Julie Porter
Finance Director
Voice: (831) 646-3940

Sandy Barajas
Clerk to the Oversight Board
Voice: (831) 646-1568

Board Members

Meeting Schedule