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City Council

The City Council is the legislative and policy-making branch of Monterey's municipal government. The Council consists of five members: the Mayor, elected to a two-year term, and four Councilmembers each elected to four-year terms.

"The Monterey City Council will provide visionary policy and legislative leadership
that assures a safe, healthy and economically vibrant community. Anda!"

Council Mission

Boards and Commissions

Agendas and Minutes for all Boards & Commissions meetings are available through I-SEARCH Monterey. To learn more about the responsibilities of each Board or Commission, visit the specific board or commission page. Follow projects as they go through City channels. Community members are encouraged to participate in the review of development projects that come before the City.

City Manager's Office

The City Manager serves as the professional administrator of the City and is responsible for coordinating all day-to-day operations and administration. Duties include personnel and labor relations, the preparation and administration of the City budget, inter-governmental relations and organizing and implementing the City Council's policies. The City Manager is hired by the City Council and serves as the Council's chief advisor.

The City's Executive Management team includes the:

  • City Manager
  • City Attorney
  • Assistant City Manager
  • Community Development Director
  • Director of Information Resources & City Clerk
  • Finance Director
  • Fire Chief
  • Human Resources Director
  • Library Director
  • Parks and Recreation Director
  • Police Chief
  • Public Works Director

City Attorney's Office

The City Attorney's Office functions as the legal advisor of, and attorney and counsel for, the City and all of its boards, commissions, officers, and employees.

City Clerk's Office

A City Clerk is a highly trained, certified, and unbiased public servant who promotes open government and transparency in information. The Clerk is the governmental official charged with recording for posterity all actions as approved by, for and related to the City. These actions include, but are not limited to legislation, elections, record management, campaign reporting, contracting, notary services, and requests for public information. The City Clerk's Office is the hub of these City actions and as such facilitates the exchange of information. In Monterey, the City Clerk's Office is a division of the Information Resources Department.

City Meetings Calendar

Currently, the City Meetings Calendar posts City Council and Planning Commission meetings. For dates and details of Boards, Commissions or Committee meetings other than City Council or Planning Commission meetings, please refer to the Meetings tab at Dates are posted 5 days prior to the upcoming meeting. For city events other than meetings, please see the What's New page. For additional community events, refer to the Community Calendars listing on the right, or visit

Budget and Finance

The Finance Department is responsible for managing and executing all of the financial management functions for the City. Information in this section includes the City's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), City fees and charges, budget data for the current year and prior years, and City ordinances pertaining to the Business License Tax, Visitor Accomodation Facilities Tax, including Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT), and Utility Users Tax.


We connect with media and the public and provide key information in the newsroom. Media inquires should be addressed to the Communications Office, (831) 242-8750, Laurie Huelga, We also have a media kit available here.

The Monterey Channel

The Monterey Channel broadcasts a wide array of programs of about the City and its services as well as City Council, Planning Commission and Neighborhood Improvement Program Committee meetings. Watch the Monterey Channel on cable TV channel 25, streamed LIVE and on-demand on the web.