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Community Policing Areas

In order to keep the community safe and stay involved with neighborhood groups, the Monterey Police Department has started the Community Policing Initiative. The city has been divided into 20 Community Policing Areas, or CPAs. Each CPA has one or two officers assigned to their area, along with a civilian support person and a sergeant.

Find out which CPA you belong to in either the CPA Base Map page, or check the Area Assignments box on the left to download individual maps of a particular area.
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Areas Officers
CPA 1 Kopp McClain Delgado
CPA 2 Blair
Flores vacant
CPA 3 Andrews Flores vacant
CPA 4 Tucker
McClain Delgado
CPA 5 Kaster
Gomez Hart
CPA 6 Garcia
Gomez Hart
CPA 7 Carrizosa
Gonzalez Guinvarch
CPA 8 Costa
Madruga Bruno
CPA 9 Gentry
Nehme Birks
CPA 10 Ruttschow
Nehme Birks
CPA 11 Wright
Gonzalez Guinvarch
CPA 12 Hall
Madruga Bruno
CPA 13 Murphy
Liguori vacant
CPA 14 Bal Liguori vacant
CPA 15 Robertson Fowler Clark
CPA 16 Ventimiglia
Fowler Clark
CPA 17 Richardson
Altamirano Russo
CPA 18 Newby
Altamirano Russo
CPA 19 Oelfke Bitter Sargent
CPA 20 Roobash
Bitter Sargent
The Monterey Police Department has embraced the principals of community policing for many years. We believe our efforts have been largely successful, as Monterey continues to enjoy a low crime rate and community surveys consistently indicate public satisfaction with the service being provided by the Department.

The Department enhanced it’s community policing efforts by implementing a new and innovative approach designed to facilitate direct personal communication between our officers and the community members they serve.

The fundamental feature of this new approach is that every Monterey Police officer has direct responsibility for a designated area in the city, which is called a Community Policing Area (CPA). The city has been divided into 20 CPA’s. Each CPA has one or two officers assigned to their area, along with a civilian support person and a sergeant. These employees are permanently assigned to their area and form a CPA Team. Every person who lives or works within that CPA has access to those employees for the purpose of dealing with local problems and concerns or to just chat about law enforcement issues.

We feel that making the assignments permanent gives each officer and civilian employee a strong sense of ownership and personal connection with a particular area of the city. Unless an employee is promoted or leaves the agency, they will remain assigned to their area for the duration of their career. This also helps to provide continuity in the relationships the Department is seeking to establish with the community, help build trust and understanding and allow the Department to intelligently focus it’s efforts and resources where they are needed most.

With this new initiative, the Department’s current service delivery process and organizational configuration will remain the same. This means that when someone requires police service, they will still dial 9-1-1 for emergencies, or the Department’s non-emergency number, (831) 646-3914, and an officer will be dispatched as soon as possible. The community policing responsibilities performed by the officers and civilian staff are ancillary duties that they perform during their regular workday under the guidance of their supervisor. Each officer is required to spend several hours during the week engaged in these new community-policing activities.

The CPA Team is responsible for conducting semi-annual meetings in their area as well as making personal contact with every resident, business person or person responsible for a facility with their assigned CPA. Meetings are used to disseminate crime statistics from the area and to discuss local issues and solutions to problems.

We look forward to working with all of our community members to continue to solve problems associated with crime and quality of life issues in the City of Monterey.