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"The Police are the Public; the Public are the Police. The Police are paid to give full time attention to duties that are incumbent upon every citizen in the interest of community welfare and existence."
These words were first spoken by Sir Robert Peel, the father of modern policing, when he established the Metropolitan Police Department in London in 1829. Although much time has passed, the basis of this tenet holds true – police officers cannot be fully successful without partnering with those they serve.

Our community outreach efforts are intended to solidify the relationships we have with the public – our customers – to ensure that together, we can respond to issues affecting our quality of life and maintain this beautiful city as among America’s safest. We believe an educated public is a powerful public. We commit to being your resource and your partner, responsive to your needs while providing exemplary service to you beyond compare every time. We recognize the value of service and our obligation to those who depend on us. We are committed to working with you as partners in keeping the City of Monterey the jewel of California.

The Community Action Team (CAT) consists of a team of officers who patrol the downtown and waterfront areas of the City. This is done to create a closer bond between the community and the officer. The officers patrolling the waterfront and downtown areas typically use bicycles and four wheel drive beach vehicles to accomplish their duties.

Officer Mickey Roobash, email
and Officer Doug Holley, email
(831) 646-3819

The School Resource Officer (SRO) is generally well known by over 4000 students in Monterey Schools. The SRO was developed as a partnership between the department and the Monterey Peninsula School District to provide a safe environment for learning. The officers are not just "cops on campus". They teach law and safety related courses, drug awareness, and help build self-esteem. They also perform counseling and are involved in the student's lives as role models.

Officer Mike Garcia, assigned to Monterey High
(831) 646-3914