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(831) 646-3914

Monterey Police Department
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Monterey, CA 93940
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"Responsive to All, Second to None, Every Time"


The Monterey Police Department will be a model organization, recognized and acknowledged by the public and our peers as the best public service agency on the Central Coast.

Value Drivers

Our Value Drivers provide focus and clarity for the Department. As members of the Monterey Police Department we will:
1) Create and maintain a safe community.
2) Provide exceptional services to the community.
3) Develop and maintain a positive and collaborative partnership with the community.
4) Recruit, develop, and retain a professional, highly competent Team of employees.
5) Strive to continuously improve the business practices of the Department.
6) Build a Team that is committed to the Vision, Mission, and Value Drivers of the Department.

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