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Homeless CartHomelessness is an extremely complex social problem that impacts the quality of life in our community and others across the country. There are no easy solutions, as the causes of homelessness are multifaceted and frequently outside the control of government agencies. But the Police Department does have a role in dealing with people, including the homeless, when their activities are unlawful or otherwise impact the health and safety of the community. The following information is provided to assist business people and individual community members in properly addressing incidents and concerns regarding the homeless and related quality of life issues while ensuring that the rights of all individuals are protected, regardless of economic or social status.

Homeless people seek the same essentials as everyone else. The most important of these are water, food, shelter, clothing, and a source of income. Locations that provide easy access to these basics will attract homeless persons.

For information on how to help the homeless please visit United Way of Monterey County.