Sergeants, Detectives and Officers

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Voicemail for all patrol officers can be accessed by calling (831) 646-3830, or contact them via email by clicking on the officers name.

Adam Costa James Nimmons
David Dawson Brian Nino
Greg Galin - SRO Paul Oelfke
Mike Garcia John Olney
Kyle Gentry Jacob Pinkas
Aaron Gray Zachary Reed
Amy Groner Jeffrey Reiland
Brent Hall Kevin Seaver
Bradley Holden Peter Slade
Russell Jenkins Lidio Soriano
Gabe Kaster Shasta Vanetti
Wayland Kopp Chad Ventimiglia
Bryce Morgan Kimberly Zook
Ken Murphy  
Luis Mosqueda  
The Monterey Police Department has 8 sergeants working in various capacities.
Sergeant Ethan Andrews Patrol (831) 646-3822
Sergeant Ron Blair Patrol (831) 646-3824
Sergeant Aaron Delgado Patrol (831) 646-3824
Sergeant Doug Holley Patrol (831) 646-3824
Sergeant Jason Newby Patrol (831) 646-3824
Sergeant Mahyar "Mickey" Roohbakhsh Patrol (831) 646-3824
Sergeant Frank Russo Patrol (831) 646-3824
Sergeant Jeremiah Ruttschow Patrol (831) 646-3824

Cold Case Files - Unsolved Monterey Homicides

Sergeant Mike Bruno (831) 646-3814
Detective Jeff Welch (831) 646-3816
Detective Bryan Kruse (831) 646-3812
Detective Kris Richardson  (831) 646-3811

Call 9-1-1

Officer Needed, Dispatch,

(831) 646-3914

Records (831) 646-3830
Fax (831) 646-3899
Confidential Tip Hotline
(831) 646-3840

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Monterey, CA 93940
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