Low Impact Development (LID)


throughout the Central Coast per Central Coast Regional Board regulations.

TO LEARN MORE: Please attend UPCOMING DESIGN WORKSHOP (April 17, 2014; Watsonville, 8 a.m.-12 p.m.) for designers and engineers. 

For further information, please read below, or contact City Storm Water staff at 831-646-3895.

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Project Design Requirements for New- and Re-Development Projects

In July, 2013, the Central Coast Water Board adopted Order R3-2013-0032, with new, more stringent Post-Construction Requirements (PCRs). Projects that receive their first discretionary approval for design elements after March 6, 2014 — or, if no discretionary approval is required, receive their first ministerial permit after that date — are subject to the PCRs, if they create or replace 2,500 square feet or more of impervious area. For a brief program overview, review this Program Brochure

For more information, including program guidance documentation and "Requirements at a Glance" visit Montereysea.org.

Applicants for development approvals in jurisdictions within the Monterey Regional Stormwater Management Program should use the Stormwater Technical Guide when preparing Stormwater Control Plans. However, local requirements vary. Check with staff in the jurisdiction where your project is located to identify differences that may apply. A pre-application meeting is recommended for all projects subject to the PCRs.

Stormwater Technical Guide (PDF)

Stormwater Control Plan Template (Word)

Stormwater Control Plan Template – Small (Tier 1) Projects (Word)

Appendix A: Source Control (Word)

Appendix B: Bioretention Construction Checklist (Word)

Appendix C: Technical Criteria for Non-LID (PDF)

Stormwater Control Measures Sizing Calculator (Excel)

Sizing Calculator Instructions (Powerpoint)

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