NIP Proposed Projects for FY 2009-10

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Neighborhood Brief Description Project Number Project Nomination
Video Link Approved
Aquajto Oaks
  No Projects  



Alta Mesa
  Don Dahvee Greenbelt Fuel Reduction Ph III  AM-01




  Don Dahvee Walkway Spot Repair   AM-02



Casanova – Oak Knoll
  CONA Park Center Water Storage Tank  COK-02



Deer Flats
  No Projects  


Del Monte Beach
  Roberts Ave Irrigation  DMB-02



Del Monte Grove – Laguna Grande
  No Projects  




  No Projects  




Fisherman Flats 

FF Greenbelt Fuel Reduction Ph II  FF-01




  FF Sidewalk, Curb, Gutter Safety Repairs  FF-02





No Projects  



Monterey Vista
  Via Paraiso Park Play Equipment Essential Maintenance  MV-02




  Monte Vista Drive Resurfacing Ph I (Soledad to Mar Vista)  MV-03 



  Via Paraiso Greenbelt Brush Removal  MV-09




New Monterey
  2009 New Monterey Ped Safety  NM-02



  Hoffman Park Design Revision  NM-03



  Grace 700 Widening  NM-05



  CalAm Reservoir Storm Water Reuse  NM-06



  Essential Maintenance of New Monterey Parks Improvements  NM-09



Oak Grove
  No Projects  



Old Town
  Improve Eddy Burns Lane Drainage  OT-05



  Larkin Park Improvements  OT-08



Skyline Forest
  Greenbelt Fuel Reduction Ph V  SF-02



  Veteran's Park Day Use Erosion Control  SF-03



Skyline Ridge
  No Projects        
Villa Del Monte
  Ferrante Park Replace Play Equipment  VDM-02



Simoneau Plaza Clock & Railing Maintenance  CW-02



  Monterey High Field & Track Renovation   CW-10



Sloat Monument Renovation (Essential Elements)  CW-11    



Dennis the Menace Park Security Light & Pole Replacement  CW-14




  MSC Looker Room Automatic Door Opener  CW-15



Dennis the Menace Park Swing & Walkway Replacement  CW-16



  El Estero Streetscape Ph III  CW-17



  Jacks Park Power Panel Replacement  CW-19



El Estero Bridge Light Fixture Replacement  CW-20




Library Repair/Upgrade to Public Entrances  CW-24



  Fire Station #1, #2, & #3 Replace Radio/PA Amp  CW-28



  Fire Vehicle Wash Water Recovery  CW-29



  Gordon House Structural Repairs  CW-31



  Library Guardrail Safety Improvement  CW-32



  MSC Door Replacement & Piping Repair in Attic  CW-36



  Soledad/Munras Traffic Loop Replacement   CW-41



  Tunnel Tile Refurbishment  CW-42