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One of the ways you can get involved with City government is to sit on a City Council advisory committee or attend public meetings. We invite you to learn more about the workings of your City and how you can become more involved by joining the review process.

Agendas and Minutes for all Boards & Commissions meetings are available through I-SEARCH Monterey. To learn more about the responsibilities of each Board or Commission, visit the specific board or commission page. Follow projects as they go through City channels. Community members are encouraged to participate in the review of development projects that come before the City.

How can you participate?

Most development projects go before the different committees & commissions. Citizens are invited to attend public hearings, submit comments in writing and/or review development applications and documents. Information on serving on a board, committee or commission.

Plans for developments are available for public review in the Planning Office on the lower level of Colton Hall. Staff reports may be reviewed there as well, or in the Monterey Public Library, or online, prior to a public hearing.

How do you know when a project is up for review?

Commission & committees agendas outline what projects are being considered. Agendas are posted at City Hall and are available online at I-SEARCH Monterey.
Appeals Hearing Board

The Appeals Hearing Board has a twofold mission. Its primary mission is as the City’s board for hearings appeals that contest fees, charges, costs, expenses, penalties or other sums of money owed to the City and its decisions allow for the imposition of a liens and special collections. There are 3 members and one alternate member, who hear these types of appeals.

Its second mission is to hear appeals that relate to access to public accommo-dations by physically disabled persons. Two disabled access members are part of the board when meeting agendas include appeals of this type. Note that the decisions of the Appeals Hearing Board are final and are not appealable to any other City board.