MST Taxi Voucher Program

TaxiMonterey-Salinas Transit (MST) has established a taxi voucher program, in conjunction with the Monterey County Regional Taxi Authority (RTA) and participating cities, to assist seniors in accessing important locations within their community. A limited number of free taxi vouchers are distributed to Monterey resident seniors for travel in Monterey, Carmel, Del Rey Oaks, Pacific Grove, Sand City and Seaside. Seniors (65 and older) must provide proof of age and residency. Vouchers are worth $14. Participants will pay a $3 co-pay to the taxi driver.
Vouchers are distributed at Scholze Park Center, Casanova Oak Knoll Park Center and the Monterey Recreation Administration Office.

Please contact (831) 646-3866 if you have any questions.

Sample of Voucher
Taxi Voucher Program
Scheduling a Taxi Ride

To schedule a taxi ride using an MST Senior Discount Taxi Voucher, please call one of the following authorized providers:

Central Coast Cab
(831) 626-3333

Green Cab
(831) 757-4211

Sal’s Taxi
(831) 422-7276

Serra Cab
(831) 216-2010

Yellow Cab
(831) 333-1234

When scheduling your ride, please inform the dispatcher that you will be using an MST Senior Discount Taxi Voucher.

Contact MST for details

MST Taxi Voucher Program

Monterey Salinas Transit

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