Beautiful Monterey comprises 16 neighborhoods reaching over 8 square miles. The neighborhoods are diverse and span a rich history. Each neighborhood is presented below, in summary. The information on the neighborhood associations is provided from the neighborhood associations directly, which are registered with the City Clerk's Office as part of the City's Neighborhood Improvement Program. For more detailed information, contact the City Clerk's Office. If any of this information needs to be updated, please send an email to MontereyWebmaster@monterey.org
The City of Monterey has a Neighborhood Improvement Program (aka, NIP) established in 1985, which directs tourist-generated dollars directly back into the City's residential neighborhoods. Under a Charter Amendment, at least 16 percent of the money collected through hotel taxes (Transient Occupancy Tax) must be spent on neighborhood and community improvements. Each fiscal year, a committee consisting of Monterey residents considers all submitted projects and recommends which projects should be funded. Several community wide meetings are held and projects are finally voted on by the NIP committee. You can learn more about this program on the NIP main page.

Map of Neighborhoods

Street Sweeping Program

To learn about the City's Street Sweeping Program, please visit the Monterey City Disposal Service website, where you can find your street on a citywide map and learn the frequency and dates of street sweeping on your block.

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Monterey City Disposal Service.

Aguajito Oaks Home Owner's Association

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Alta Mesa Neighborhood is one of the oldest, and is close to downtown and Monterey State Beach.

Alta Mesa Neighborhood Association

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Studded with oak trees, the Casanova – Oak Knoll neighborhood provides a mixture of single, multiple family homes, as well as apartments. Residents share the area with the vibrant Monterey Fairgrounds (home to Monterey County Fair & Event Center), Navy Golf Course, and other facilities. In general, this area provides more affordable housings. 

Casanova-Oak Knoll Neighborhood Association

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Del Monte Beach is a neighborhood of several dozen homes set at Del Monte Beach straight up from Casa Verde Way.

Del Monte Beach Neighborhood Association

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Del Monte Grove - Laguna Grande area is at the north of the City of Monterey neighboring the City of Seaside. Smaller houses surrounded by lush gardens are typical in this area. Residents here enjoy the convenience of the nearby commercial strips and parks. The area is near two lakes, Laguna Grande and Roberts Lake.

Del Monte Grove/Laguna Grande Neighborhood Association

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Deer Flats is one of the newest, and has become famous locally as the best place to Trick or Treat on Halloween.

Deer Flats Park Homeowners

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Fisherman's Flats Homeowners

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Monterey Vista Neighborhood Association


New Monterey is the largest neighborhood in the city. It consists of 295 acres of hillside overlooking Cannery Row and Monterey Bay. The unique neighborhood has an eclectic mix of building designs. Contrary to its name, New Monterey has been developed since 1886. 

New Monterey Neighborhood Association

Howard B. Fosler, President
P.O. Box 2642
Monterey, CA 93942

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Second to the Old Town and the Downtown district, the Oak Grove Area is the oldest neighborhood in Monterey. It is conveniently located between the Del Monte Avenue and Highway One. The area has a higher ratio of homes to apartments of 1:4, giving the neighborhood a dynamic outlook.

Oak Grove Neighborhood Association

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The Old Town Neighborhood is a beautiful area with a variety of quality architecture including, Craftsman bungalows, Queen Anne houses and cottages, and Spanish Revival homes. It has extraordinary views of the downtown and Monterey Bay. The neighborhood is also surrounded by institutional and non-residential developments.

Old Town Neighborhood Association

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The forest canopy is distinctive to the Skyline Forest area. As most houses are screened by pine trees and the Del Monte Forest seems to stretch out endlessly, it gives its residents a sense of remoteness. The Holman Highway 68, Monterey Community Hospital and Veteran Memorial Park are within this neighborhood.

Skyline Forest Homeowners

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Skyline Ridge is a small pocket of residential area next to the Skyline Forest neighborhood. Also perched on the hill, residents of this area are greeted by the scenic view of the whole Monterey Peninsula.

Skyline Ridge Estates

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Villa Del Monte Neighborhood Association

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