Food Scrap Collection Program

Available Now For Businesses in the City of Monterey

Monterey City Disposal Service and the City of Monterey would like to introduce you to the commercial Food Scrap Collection Program. The purpose of this program is to make it simple and convenient to participate in composting by adding food scrap collection to your existing commercial waste collection service. Much like with mixed recyclables, the food scrap collection program will allow you to add an additional container(s) for separating food scraps from other types of waste.

Our goal, in partnership with the Monterey Regional Waste Management District and the Offset Project, is to develop the program into a valuable service that reduces landfill disposal, increases city-wide recycling rates, and produces a valuable compostable material which generates electricity during the breakdown process (from captured methane).

This program is another critical step in making Monterey a sustainable, green destination for tourists and businesses to meet their zero waste goals. Visitors have a wide variety of destinations to choose from, and demonstrating a dedication to green initiatives indicates that Monterey is an attractive option that is ready to meet the demands of today as well as those of the future.

If your business is interested in participating, please contact Monterey City Disposal Services at (831) 372-7977.



Get information on the food scrap collection program from participating businesses as well as staff from the
City of Monterey and the Monterey Regional Waste Management District.



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