Special Event Recycling

The Monterey Bay is host to numerous special events of various sizes throughout the course of the year.  It is a state requirement that at least 50% of all waste generated in the city is diverted from the land fill and into programs like recycling, reuse, and composting. Special events are significant generators of waste in a very short amount of time!

Adding a recycling infrastructure to your event can not only help divert waste from the landfill, but can also save money on your waste costs since there is no fee for recycling in the City of Monterey.

If you are coordinating a special event of +50 people, call us and we can provide you with FREE waste reduction information and FREE containers suitable for recycling at your event. In addition, we may also be able to assist with a recycling trailer that can be used to consolidate recyclable materials during the course of the event.

Please be aware that while recycling is free, event coordinators must arrange for garbage collection with Monterey City Disposal Service (831-372-7977) for events that are large (100+ people), multi-day or held where there is not adequate existing garbage service. Events must also supply their own garbage containers that will be dispersed throughout the event, which are commercially available at many supply companies.

It is our goal to provide event assistance to produce less waste while maintaining the quality and feel of your event.

If you are coordinating a special event in the City of Monterey and would like some assistance, contact us at 831-646-5662 or Terrasas@monterey.org. 

Check out our Special Event Recycling Guide (in the right margin of this page), developed by Ecology Action to learn about how to set up a successful recycling program at your event.
Recycling Guide

Special Events Recycling Guide
Special Events Recycling Resource Kit

Container Types Available
32 gallon blue barrels with lids stamped with "We Recycle" 23 gallon waste watcher
f with whole for recycling

45 gallon Clear Stream Recycler
for bottles and cans only
Corrugated plastic box for recycling bottles and cans
32 gallon blue barrels
23 gallon waste watcher 45 gallon clear stream

Corrogated Plastic Box