City Energy Plan

City Buildings Reduce Energy Consumption and Costs

The City implemented several lighting upgrades throughout the City. The old lighting fixtures were replaced with the latest lighting technologies available and are reducing average energy consumption by 35%. More importantly: Every kwH saved reduces the need to produce this energy, thus reducing the carbon emissions and carbon footprint for the Monterey peninsula.

Rebates Help Fund Projects

The projects were partly funded through rebates received from the California Public Utilities Commission. The projects were completed within budget at $640,000. The City received rebates in the amount of $75,000. By tracking our energy consumption and their associated costs, we anticipate a cost savings of approximately $50,000 annually.
The Monterey Sport Center project began in 2005 by replacing the lighting in the Gymnasium. In 2007 high-pressure sodium lights in the swimming pool area were replaced with induction lighting. The anticipated yearly savings from these changes is approximately $47,000.

Lighting Upgrades Reduce Maintenance Costs

The new lights have a life expectancy of more than 100,000 hours compared to the 30,000 hours for the older types, thus cutting back on replacement cycles and maintenance costs. These additional savings are estimated to be around $65,000 over the lifetime of the lights for all project sites. The time savings can be now be allocated to other areas in the City, thus raising the standard of our services.

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Environmental Accords

The City of Monterey signed the Urban Environmental Accords and the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement as a commitment to do their part to protect our local and global environments. Click here to learn more about these programs.