Transportation Alternatives

Everyone has heard the buzz that cars, fuel consumption, and exhaust are contributing to air pollution and climate change. Oftentimes, we are too quick to jump behind the wheel instead of spending the time and energy on walking, riding, vehicle sharing, and public transport. Other modes of transportation can be much more enjoyable, less stressful, more cost-effective, and healthier for you and your community!

It may be unreasonable to ask people to give up their cars entirely, but consider practical ways to reduce the daily use of your car and the time you spend idling in traffic consuming fossil fuels.

Consider alternative transportation methods and commit to spending more time on sidewalks, trails, and bike paths, and less time on the road!

Don't forget to see how the City of Monterey is doing their part to reduce vehicle emissions, with our growing fleet of hybrid and all-electric vehicles! 

For more information on bicycling in Monterey, check out the Monterey Bay Coastal Bike Path map or Bicycling Monterey, sponsor of HER Helmet Thursdays and a great source of bicycling news, events, and local deals!
For general information, check out the Transportation Agency for Monterey County.
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Alternative Transportation Methods

Limiting the dependence on your gas-guzzler will bring benefits to both the earth and your wallet. Other modes of transportation can be fun, exciting, and speedy as well!

Take a look at these alternative options to determine which modes of transportation you could incorporate into your everyday life.

  • Walking - Walking may seem like the obvious alternative to driving, but it's one that isn't enacted very often because destinations may seem too far in today's fast-paced world. The biggest burden to walking, though, isn't money or energy - it's time. If you learn to make the time and consider the added benefits of walking, you may just change your mind about this alternative method of transportation.
  • Carpooling - Carpooling is a cost-efficient way to commute and park on campus. Sharing a ride with a co-worker can save on gas, vehicle maintenance and parking costs, and lessens traffic congestion and pollution.
  • Public Transportation - Riding the bus, subway or other public form of transportation relieves traffic congestion and lessens emissions by reducing single driver vehicles on the road. You pay your fare and the gas, maintenance, and driver are included. Let someone else do the driving while you catch up on some reading or relaxation on the ride over!
  • Bicycle - You've been pedaling around since the age of eight, but with the rising concern of increased carbon offsets associated with cars (not to mention the ever-rising cost of crude oil) this could be the time to switch back from four wheels to two. The maintenance is a lot cheaper too and think of the physical benefits!
  • Scoot It - When it comes to scooters, you have more options than you may think. Models range from stand-up to sit-down designs, inexpensive or costly, and fast or faster. So whether you're looking for a motorized way to aid your walking, or an eco-friendly vehicle that resembles a motorcycle, a scooter might be the greener option you've been waiting for.
  • All Electric - You may think that golf carts belong on the golf course, but more and more companies and communities are finding uses for these miniature movers. There are a variety of all electric vehicles that are now street legal and affordable! Scooting around town in one of these almost feels like an amusement park ride that you can control, not to mention you don't have to feel guilty about letting it idle!