Planning Projects

Work Program

The Planning Office has a City Council-adopted work program that focuses staff work priorities on projects that will achieve the City Council adopted Vision, Goals, and Strategic Initiatives. Planning Staff is currently developing a variety of planning tools to help stimulate economic development within the City's Mixed-Use Neighborhoods and ensure preservation of the City's historic resources Citywide. The five major efforts currently underway include developing specific plans for the Downtown, Lighthouse/Foam, and North Fremont mixed use neighborhoods; developing a long-rang, visionary plan for the City's waterfront; and updating the historic survey in the downtown area, which will also serve as a tool to update the Old Town Monterey National Historic Landmark District.

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Downtown Specific Plan
Holman Highway 68/Highway 1 Roundabout
Local Coastal Program Update
Lighthouse Area Specific Plan
Monterey on the Move
National Historic Landmark Survey and Greater Downtown Area Design Standards & Guidelines, Lighting Standard
National Historic Landmark Survey
North Fremont Specific Plan
New Monterey Historic Survey
Parks and Recreation Master Plan
Van Buren Senior Housing Project
Villa Del Monte Neighborhood Plan
Waterfront Master Plan