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Cementerio el Encinal
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Monterey CA 93940
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Site 1. Steve Cochran (1917-1965), actor

2. William D. Robinson (1815-1899), soldier in Mexican War in California and Monterey's first sheriff

3. David Jacks, came to California in 1841 – also, see Romie, the oldest marker here

4. Jack Swan (1817-1896), built Monterey's First Theater on Pacific Street

5. Sam L. Powers (1854-1937), stagecoach driver, bronc buster, 17-Mile Drive gate keeper

6. Gene Kellogg (1910-1995), artist

7. Louis Mullgart (1865-1942), architect

8. Flag Pole, also the site of the Parker Family Plot, the largest here

9. Charles Carr (1850-1919), built Ivy House

10. Charles Sumner Greene (1867-1957), architect

11. Emma Johnson (1844-1884), "She was always right!"

12. Constantin Semcheusky (1894-1978), Page to the Czar of Russia

13. Richard Farina (1937-1966), composer, musician, writer

14. Daniel (1839-1928) and Helen (1866-1956) Bruton, mosaic artists from San Francisco

15. Wright (1892-1965), King "Hobo" and Queen "Myang"

16. Chinese House

17. Lakeside Columbarium

18. Old Chinese section (Pre-1900)

19. Tadeusz A. Rudiger (1900-1968), heir to Smirnoff

20. Flora Woods-Adams (1876-1948), madam of Cannery Row

21. Edward W. Cordero (1881-1940), blacksmith

22. Columbarium
- Jimmy Hatlo (1897-1963), cartoonist
- Edward "Doc" F. Ricketts (1897-1948), Cannery Row marine biologist and friend of John Steinbeck

Images Legend– denotes a photo associated with the site

1. Few Family Plot – The Few Family donated the Council Chamber to the City

2. Matthew W. Bancroft, Marine killed in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan

3. John Craighill Kerby-Miller