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Belt Buckle

The City of Monterey's Plans and Public Works Department gives out the annual Belt Buckle Awards. The recognition is given to exceptional employees, for their hard work and dedication to the organization and community.

2015 Recipients
Bob Tuscany, Senior Craftsworker
Building Maintenance
Chris Hallquist, Building Maintenance Craftsworker
Building Maintenance
George Sanico, Park Maintenance Worker
Jeffrey Glass, Senior Street Maintenance Worker
Rex Van Slyke, Fleet Coordinator
Sandy Barajas, Accounting Assistant
Housing and Property Management
Professional Service Award:
Karen Larson, Senior Administrative Analyst
2014 Recipients

Housing & Property Manager
Professional Service Award, "Professional of the Year"

The person we want to honor with this year’s “Professional of the Year Award” is Rick Marvin, Housing & Property Manager. Each and every day, Rick has shown the ability of self-control in the most trying circumstances. He is consistently respectful and always willing to listen to people even if they look at an issue in a completely different way. Rick always tries to find the right balance between getting the City and the lease holder the best deal. He understands that a flourishing business generates value for the City. He is a true professional that wants to be sure that our Council is making the best decisions after they have heard all the pros, cons and what-ifs. This combination is appreciated by his peers and fellow professionals. Over the past two years, Rick has had to manage a Division that needed to navigate an incredibly immense reduction in vital City funds as a result of the State taking the Redevelopment dollars. Finally, and I think perhaps one of the most important characteristics, is that he possesses an unsurpassed work ethic and that he is just fundamentally a good person as well as a great California surfer!

Inspector, Permit & Inspection Services

Dana is an extraordinary person who always takes the initiative to tackle new tasks and assignments. Last year, she was promoted to the position of Inspector in the Permit & Inspection Services Division. With that promotion, she deservingly became the first female Building Inspector in our City's history. Currently, Dana is still assisting with the services to the City of Pacific Grove on a weekly basis, in addition to maintaining the duties of her vacated position with the City of Monterey. Dana has been instrumental with the success of these two cities, all while embracing her new responsibilities. She is dedicated to her job and can be trusted to enforce the building code requirements in a fair and impartial manner. She shows that she cares when she goes out on the job sites helping contractors to build code compliant homes for our residents.

Maintenance Technician, Parks

Barbara exemplifies what City of Monterey employees are all about. She is one of those employees who cares and shows integrity and loyalty. Her willingness to do whatever necessary to complete a project and her customer service skills are truly appreciated. She is able to keep a tremendous variety of tasks flowing along smoothly and is an outstanding representative for both Divisions on the phone and in person. Barbara is well liked and respected among her fellow co-workers and other Department staff. She is self directed, always present and ready to work each and every morning. Barbara knows all aspects of our business and she knows each and everybody's strengths. She is one of the backbones that every excellent organization needs to be a little bit extra special and professional.

Capital Programs Coordinator, Capital Projects

Jocelyn “hit the ground running” serving as the Capital Project Division’s first ever Capital Programs Coordinator. Jocelyn has demonstrated a solid understanding of the various funding sources, grants, budgets, project cost accounting, and contracting principles for the CIP, NIP, and PMSA programs, each of which has some unique procedures. She has significantly bolstered the accuracy and efficiency of the Capital Projects Division's overall contract administration process, but most importantly, Jocelyn demonstrates exceptional inter-personal skills and is well liked by her co-workers, other Department staff, and consultants with whom she interacts.

Street & Utilities Supervisor, Streets

Elmo was hired in December of 1985. In his 29 years with the City, Elmo has provided excellent service not only to the residents of Monterey but to other Departments as well. Elmo is a “go to guy”. Give him an assignment and it will be carried out in a safe and efficient manner. Elmo knows the City infrastructure like the back of his hand. He knows every easement, alley and street in this City. He leads by example and is well respected by his peers and other Department staff. Above all, Elmo is a person who does not like to be praised or to be honored. While he likes to think of himself as being just one of the guys, Elmo has been an outstanding performer in our Streets Division. His leadership abilities are low key, but make no mistake; he will get the job done.

Accounting Specialist, P&PW Administration

Scott has been our Plans and Public Works Department's Accountant since 2007. Throughout the years, Scott's professionalism has saved the City hundreds of thousands of dollars – he ensures that we do not overpay or double pay. He makes sure that our PG&E and Cal-Am bills are accurate, credits accounted for and paid on time. As of late, Scott has been tasked to conduct a special financial budget analysis. Scotty's passion for numbers and spreadsheets, paired with a curiosity to search a little deeper than others, have ensured outstanding results. Just recently Scotty completed an in-depth analysis of the City's 156 Cal-Am water accounts. Scott’s dedication to his job exemplifies the Plans and Public Works Department.

Senior Custodian, General Services Division

Juan has worked for the City of Monterey since August of 2000. It was obvious from the beginning that he was dedicated and possessed a strong work ethic, so he was subsequently promoted to Senior Custodian. He knew that stepping up and helping, working hard and pushing others to do the same would make the City a good place to visit and live. He gives a little bit more each day to make their workplaces comfortable, clean and healthy. All this is done with courtesy, professionalism and a smile. Juan’s dedication to the City is often unseen. Few are aware that he voluntarily adjusts his work schedule every six months; where for six months he works days and then the other six months he works nights. Juan does it because it is important for him to show others that he understands and accepts change and leads by example.

Administrative Assistant I, General Services Division

Marina has worked for the City of Monterey since December 29, 2004. She is a team player who consistently exceeds expectations. In February 2012, Marina agreed to help the City with cost saving measures and accepted additional responsibilities normally assigned to an Administrative Assistant II position. She has proven to be a very capable, hardworking individual, with the ability to multi-task on all levels. She has a unique ability to efficiently coordinate the very high volume and often complex workload of the General Services Division. She has an uncanny ability to balance a great diversity of duties; from payroll and Cal Card reconciliations to contracts, change orders and scheduling. Marina manages to accomplish all of this as well as balance the constant and consistent requests coming in from the all the field staff that she shares a camaraderie and laugh with every day.

Chief of PEEC, PP&W Administration

Chip has been with our Department for many years - working his way up through the ranks of Senior Planner to Chief of Planning, Engineering, and Environmental Compliance and being a true XO and partner through the past five years. Every single pay period Chip’s timecard shows that he spends more than 60 hours a week at work. He often spends more than 16 hours at City Hall attending all the City Council, ARC and Planning Commission meetings, as well as numerous meetings with special committees and neighborhood groups. Chip undoubtedly always sees the bigger picture and vision for the good of the City. His initiative and his passion cannot be doubted. Chip, our City and especially our Department, is proud to have you as one of our leaders.

2013 Recipients

Managing Principal Planner
Professional Service Award, "Professional of the Year"

For many years this professional has guided the City through numerous difficult projects which required hundreds of community outreach meetings, along with commission and council meetings. This professional has been successful in developing compromises when creating new visions and standards for our City. Parallel, this individual has matured into a great manager and leader learning how to take good care of her co-workers.

For more than five years Kim has been on the forefront of many hot potato topics for the City of Monterey. Our specific plans have been generated with her guidance and personal attention to details. Kim excels when dealing with the public! Why? Because she always listens to public input and always tries to work the concerns, ideas or opposing views into our developing plans. Kim has a stellar reputation in our community - residents, business leaders, property owners - they all value Kim as a conscientious, honest professional, who wants to help them. Kim’s professional work ethic serves as a great example for all of us.

Senior Associate Planner

Christy Hopper exemplifies our mission that “We Care” and that “PPW is Everyone’s Business”. Christy is an extraordinary person who takes the initiative to tackle new adventures. Last year, Christy learned two computer programs - GIS and Sketchup - with various online coaching tools. As a result, she has been able to draft various three dimensional models of mixed-use buildings in Downtown Monterey and North Fremont as part of the City's Specific Plans enabling all of us to see and relate to the new visions for Monterey. We are ‘Image Monterey’ and this is a true step forward in communicating with the public and design community our expectations for new construction. With Christy’s knowledge and ability, these documents will help to streamline development and lead Monterey to economic recovery.

Systems Analyst, Information Services

“PPW is Everyone’s Business” are the words that represent and ring true for this employee. Teo Ordonez consistently takes extraordinary steps to help not only the Plans and Public Works offices, but other departments in the organization. For example, the Planning office has many specific computer programs that enable staff to distribute notices and post information online. Teo frequently steps in to solve the latest computer glitches and as a result of his quick resolve, legislative deadlines are met. We are truly grateful for his service and problem-solving approach..

Building Maintenance Craftsworker, General Services

Gary is the epitome of a professional service provider who cares and makes Plans and Public Works his business. Gary works tirelessly, fueled by his coffee and determination. He is like “the man of steel”, always wanting to right wrongs and correct work performed by contractors and others that have been here before us. He will come in on weekends or after hours to check on a sump pump in a building that is prone to flooding during rains to ensure the building is safe. He does all of this with a no-nonsense internal mantra to “watch the dollars spent” frame of mind. He is well intentioned and dedicated, efficient and loyal to his Division, his Department and his City. Gary always steps up to ensure that a crew’s workload is distributed and carried out even in the absence of a Senior Craftsworker. He willingly mentors and teaches and consistently goes out of his way to assist, educate and help both the customer and his fellow employees. Gary has an excellent attendance record and often times he needs to be reminded to take some time off but usually replies, very sincerely, “who will watch over the buildings?” Gary is passionate and he does care..

Senior Craftsworker, General Services

When we ask the question, "What should a Public Employee be like", one should immediately think of Mannie Quaresma. He comes to work in high spirits each and every single day and is focused on making sure the customer is treated as though they are the only customer being served while at the same time delivering a work product of the highest quality.

Mannie started with the City of Monterey as a Maintenance Craftsworker and it was clear early on that his trade skills and depth of technical knowledge was of the highest caliber. It was no surprise to anyone who knew him that he quickly was promoted to a Senior Craftsworker. In addition to leading a City crew that takes care of ninety-four buildings, Mannie is also taking on project estimating, scheduling, inspections and, in many cases, the actual construction of the project. Mannie has a unique personality that is made up in parts of public relations expert, counselor, motivator, friend and trusted co-worker. Managers listen to his sage advice and co-workers respect his mature guidance. Mannie Quaresma is deserving of this award and the City is both grateful and honored that he is part of the Plans and Public Works team.

Automotive Mechanic, Fleet Services

When you hear the words, “We care” Allan Bates comes to mind. Allan continuously steps up to the plate when needed at Fleet Services. For example, when the department was without a couple of mechanics, Allan stepped up and took charge of the work flow in the shop. He prioritized which vehicles were most critical to get completed first and kept the work flow smooth and fast paced. Allan also assists customers as well as answers phones when the front office is unavailable. Allan exemplifies what City of Monterey employees are all about.

Allen is one of those employees who cares and shows integrity and loyalty without showing off. Allan represents what many of our employees stand for. We are honored to award Allan with a Belt Buckle Award.

Associate Planner, Engineering Office

The Engineering office has a staff member who is very deserving of this award and that person is Tricia Wotan. Tricia has proven herself to be technically competent, with extremely strong managerial capabilities. Tricia does not shy away from taking on difficult tasks and does so with the attitude of creating an improved product. She brings a wide range of knowledge to her position and that has benefited not just the City, but the Region and the State.

As the current Chair of the Monterey Regional Stormwater Permit Participants Group, Tricia has faced numerous challenges; including being a driving force behind the creation of Post Construction Requirements, serving on the California Stormwater Quality Association subcommittees, testifying at State Water Resources hearings, guiding the City through a Stormwater audit and doing all of the tasks that a Chair of a Committee needs to complete. Through her background in Planning, Tricia brings a new and broad-based perspective to the world of Engineering. Tricia’s work is being recognized by our Belt Buckle Award.

Senior Parks Maintenance Worker, Parks Division

Senior Park Maintenance Worker Steve Garcia is being honored as a Belt Buckle recipient. Over the past year, Steve has done an outstanding job leading the Volunteer Gardeners program, coordinating projects at the Sensory Garden, Bruce Ariss Way, and the Sunken Garden at Colton Hall. Steve also handles the West Side crew’s irrigation installation, repairs, and maintenance. One of Steve's many accomplishments this year was to landscape an area of Shoreline Park adjacent to the Coast Guard Pier, which improved the appearance of the area, and at the same time reduced water use and maintenance. Steve's plant and irrigation knowledge is a tremendous asset to the City of Monterey. He is always ready and willing to help out on any project that may come up, and he often teams up with the Craftsworkers to help with camp setups, welding projects, and irrigation repairs.

Steve also participated in our very successful Cutting Day community event and was a great help in coordinating the volunteers. Steve cares about Monterey, his co-workers and his work.

Senior State Maintenance Worker, Streets & Utilities Division

The Streets Division is honoring Hector Fernandez-Valdez with a Belt Buckle Award for his technical skills, positive work attitude and initiative. He is a self-starter who needs minimal supervision for tasks to be completed. Hector is highly conscientious of his high volume of work production and is able to get any job done right the first time, within the time required and under budget.

Hector is a versatile worker; he focuses on the job at hand and is a great asset in helping to find solutions to difficult problems. “We Care” are the words that best represents Hector because he cares about the work of the Streets Division and his fellow co-workers and especially his customers at the Presidio of Monterey. His experience is a great asset to the City.