On-Street and Metered Parking

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Monday - Friday, 8AM to 5PM
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On-Street Time Limit Parking
Time limits are clearly posted in all controlled parking areas. Look for signs or for curb markings. After you have parked in a time limit zone for the posted time you must move your vehicle at least 150 feet to avoid being cited. The Parking Enforcement section uses tire chalking and the chalk-less AutoVu System to determine the length of time a vehicle is parked in a space. It is illegal to remove a chalk mark from your vehicle's tire.
Metered Parking
The City utilizes both on-street and off-street metered parking throughout the City. Each meter lists the hours of enforcement. Please read the meter carefully. A list of metered area locations and hourly rates is below.
For the Cannery Row Area
The Parking Division uses electronic parking meters which accept dollar coins, quarters, dimes and nickels in Cannery Row District. In some areas, the City has installed parking meters that will accept credit card for payment.
For the Downtown Area
Parking meters located in the Monterey Sports Center lot, Lot # 10 located on Calle Principal and Lot # 8 on Pierce Street accept quarters, dimes and nickels, as well as a Smart Parkcard.
Meter Locations & Rates

Metered Area

General Location

Hourly Rate

Lot #8
Corner of Franklin and Pierce Streets
Monday - Saturday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
$0.50 hour

Lot #10
Calle Principal / Franklin / Jefferson
Monday - Saturday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
$0.50 hour

Lot #24
Cannery Row / Foam
Everyday 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
$1.50 hour
Cannery Row District
On-Street Meters
Cannery Row District
Foam, Wave, Cannery Row & cross streets
Everyday 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
$1.50 hour
Monterey Sports Center
Metered Lot
Washington / Franklin
Everyday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
$0.50 hour

Motorcycles and Meters
MotorcycleIn parking spaces controlled by a parking meter, the meter must be paid as long as a vehicle is occupying the parking space within the designated time frame. There may be more than one motorcycle parked in a marked parking space, however each motorcycle must have at least one wheel against the curb. It doesn't matter which motorcycle operator paid the parking meter, as long as the meter is paid while any of the vehicles are in the parking space. When the time expires, all motorcycles in the space will considered to be in violation and are subject to receiving a citation.
Wharf VIP Card
Change for Meters
One Dollar Bill
Change Machines are available at the following locations:
  • Harbormasters Office
  • Marina Waterfront Lot (next to London Bridge Pub)
  • Cannery Row Garage
  • Wave and Hoffman Streets