Monterey Parks Make Life Better

Parks Make Life BetterMonterey Parks are unique, and make life better, because they include well groomed lawns and landscape plantings, pristine forests, a lake in the center of town, and sandy beaches…all within a mile or two of each other. Families, youth, and seniors can enjoy a retreat from their daily lives by visiting our well-kept parks, beaches, and forested areas, and also experience a wide variety of quality leisure activities. Beginning in 1909 the City began acquiring park land so that most Monterey residents are now within walking distance of a neighborhood park.

Residents and visitors come to Monterey parks for a variety of reasons, including the fresh Monterey air. Some enjoy walking in our forested greenbelts or relaxing near our lakes and beaches. Others enjoy biking or walking on the ocean front Recreation Trail. Some come to our parks to play or watch sporting events or to exercise, while others bring their children to our parks to use the safe and creative play equipment. Monterey is also proud to offer areas for camping and group gatherings and picnics. Monterey parks provide services that enhance our lives in many ways, and indeed "Monterey Parks Make Life Better".

The Monterey Peninsula has one of the 3 native Monterey Pine forests remaining in the world. Huckleberry Hill offers miles of trails through the pine forest with excellent ocean views, and may be entered from Veterans Park, our popular forested campground in the heart of the City. If you are looking for a place to walk, hike, or commune with Nature, you might also try Don Dahvee Park, Iris Canyon, or Quarry Park. Some of our parks in New Monterey have excellent views of the Bay: Lower Presidio, Hoffman, and Oak Newton.

Monterey is best known for the unique play equipment at Dennis the Menace Playground, but we also have 21 other playgrounds throughout the City. The baseball games at Sollecito and Jacks ballparks draw large crowds. The 6 lighted courts at the Monterey Tennis Center in Jacks Park support kids’ summer camps and night play for adults. The 3 miles of Monterey Recreation Trail connect Monterey Bay Park, Shoreline Park, and San Carlos Beach Park. The Trail is used daily by hundreds of bikers and walkers. San Carlos Beach is a popular spot for divers who take advantage of the protected waters of Ed Ricketts Underwater Park that extends from the Coast Guard breakwater to Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove. Monterey Bay Park has sand volleyball courts just steps from the beach, and El Estero Park has a 1.5 mile exercise course, as well as a skate park, dog park, and the 18 acre lake with fishing and paddleboat rental. Recently disc golf courses have been installed at Don Dahvee and Ryan Ranch Parks.

Our state of the art Monterey Sports Center provides activities for all ages, including swimming, basketball, and a summer program for youth. The Monterey Youth Center in El Estero Park, Hilltop Park Center, and the Casanova Oak Knoll Park Center also offer special programs for youth including dance, gymnastics, and after school activities. Several of our parks are used for a variety of youth sports by the City’s Recreation Program, Monterey Pony Baseball, and Monterey High School.

Many Monterey families visit El Estero, Casanova Oak Knoll, Via Paraiso, and Whispering Pines Parks for group picnics. Veterans Park, with its 3 group picnic areas and large open lawn, hosts over 20,000 people annually for group events. The Monterey Youth Center, Hilltop, and Casanova Oak Knoll Centers offer space for social events and neighborhood meetings. The lawn area in front of Colton Hall is the venue for numerous Community events, and its adjacent Friendly Plaza is the site for the City’s annual Cutting Day.

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City parks are open to the public daily.
Please remember that no one is allowed to remain in a City park after closing hours (between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.). Thank you for your help and cooperation in this matter.

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