Beach Use and Permits

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Monterey Recreation
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Parks & Beaches
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City parks are open to the public daily.
Please remember that no one is allowed to remain in a City park after closing hours (between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.). Thank you for your help and cooperation in this matter.

The City of Monterey manages several miles of coastline, including Monterey State Beach. City of Monterey beaches are open to the public daily.
Groups and Special Events
Permit Fees

For intermediate size gatherings of 10 or more we ask that you obtain a Group Beach Permit. Based on the activities you have planned and the number of participants you expect, an event permit may be required. Group Beach permits can be obtained at the Administration Office, 546 Dutra St. If you are interested in hosting an event in a City of Monterey park, beach area, or the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail a special event fee and liability insurance are required. Requests for special event permits should be submitted in writing, four months in advance of the event date, to:
Monterey Recreation
Cindy Vierra, Recreation & Community Services Manager
546 Dutra Street
Monterey, CA 93940

Adjacent to the beach, at Monterey Bay Park, there is a group BBQ area, with a maximum capacity of 50 guests, that may be reserved. If you are interested in using a nearby hall, the Monterey Youth Center is located across the street next to Lake El Estero. Please call (831) 646-3873 for availability and rate information.
City Code Regulations
City Ordinance prohibits bonfires on the beach that are not contained in a City-provided fire place or fire ring. Chairs, arches, tents, musicians, floral arrangements, etc. are not permitted on the beach. Beaches are open to the public, therefore, the public may walk through or occupy any and all areas of the beach – you may not cordon off the area you intend to use. The only privilege associated with a Beach Permit is the right for a "group" to assemble.
Beach Photos
Beach Weddings
Visit our Beach Weddings page for information about locations, permits, rules, nearby halls and other resources to help you plan a wedding on one of our beautiful city beaches.