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Questions regarding business licenses should be directed to the Revenue Office at (831)646-3944.

You are encouraged to renew your license online

A business license is required if you want to do business in the City. This Web page contains links to the sections of Chapter 19 of the Monterey City Code that govern the issuance of business licenses in the City, including the current business license tax rates. All business licenses expire on June 30th and must be renewed by August 15th.

Depending on the type of business, the location, and whether alterations are planned for the building or property, other permits and fees may be required. To assure that you meet all City requirements, check with the Planning Office. Additional state and county requirements may apply to your business. Visit the starting a business page for more information.

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Business License Application
Business License ApplicationBusiness license applications for a new business are available here and at the Revenue Office at the Administrative Services Building located at 735 Pacific Street, Suite A.

Business License Application

New business license applications must be originals, we cannot accept applications received via email. Please enclose a copy of any state licenses and payment with your application.

At the time the business license application is completed and the required tax paid, you will receive a receipt. The final business license will be mailed after all appropriate City Departments have reviewed and approved the application. You should not operate the business until all City requirements are met.
Business License Tax Calculator
Business License Tax Calculator
We also feature a Business License Tax Calculator. This easy to use calculator is provided for those who would like assistance in computing their City of Monterey Business License Tax. In addition, the calculator will compute the promotion fee that may be payable if your business is located in one of the City's promotion districts.
Business License Web Search
Business License Web Search
The City of Monterey Business Registration Search lists most businesses that hold or have held a City Business registration. The information presented here is gathered from City Business registration applications and renewals. It is updated weekly. If a business has recently renewed or applied for a registration, this business will be listed when the NEW registration has been issued. Because this information is "self-reported" by individual businesses, the City is unable to guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the data. To facilitate quick responses, query results are limited to a maximum of 100.
The Zoning Ordinance defines “home occupation” as a business activity conducted in a residential unit that is incidental to the principal residential use of the lot or site. In order to operate a business from your home, you must first have
1) a home occupation permit and then
2) a business license.
Applicants apply for a home occupation permit can obtain a tentative approval from the Planning Office and then apply for a business license at the Revenue Office. Details and Application Form (PDF)
Information regarding the requirements for obtaining a health permit within the City is also provided in Article 3. Please note that the City of Monterey does not issue health permits. The Environmental Health Division of the County of Monterey Department of Health is responsible for the issuance of these permits. The information is included in this Web site as a courtesy to those who may be considering starting a business in Monterey that may require the issuance of a health permit. Monterey County logo

County of Monterey Department of Health:
1270 Natividad Road,
Salinas, CA 93906
(831) 755-4505 or
1200 Aguajito Road
(831) 647-7654

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