Colton Hall Museum & Cultural Arts Commission

Promoting Public Art and History Throughout the Community

Monterey’s history and wide variety of public art make it a unique community. As we work to document our history and enhance our cultural arts program, the City has established a group of community members to help guide our community’s path.

What do they deal with?

The Colton Hall Museum and Cultural Arts Commission acts on matters affecting the operation of Colton Hall Museum and regarding the City’s art and history collections, including public art.

The seven members visit sites; attend workshops and meetings; analyze projects; and then recommend policies to the City Council. The Commission is also charged with promoting cultural arts in Monterey. Members oversee a cultural arts grant program that provides support every year to a wide variety of programs and events in the City.

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Commission Members

Mike Sovereign (Chair)

Fatima Dias (Vice Chair)

John Castagna

Robert Evans

Jennifer Ruhnke

Kathleen Wall

Bill Wojtkowski

Robert Reese (non-voting member)

Meeting Schedule
The Colton Hall Museum and Cultural Arts Commission meets on the fourth Monday of the month at 4 p.m. in the Council Chamber. Meeting agendas and approved minutes are available on I-SEARCH Monterey.